Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Horrible Bosses [review]

Gosh…I don’t even know where to begin with this post. I’m having a hard time trying to specify the exact genre of Horrible Bosses. Comedy seems to be the obvious and right choice but not until you get to the part when the characters begin to device plans to kill each others’ bosses. That’s when things get really messy and crazy and just plain outrageous. I wonder if this is shown in our local cinemas though because of the excessive explicit words but without the profanity, it won’t be as funny as it is supposed to be. I get turned off by some movies which use them almost every other minute or seconds even, but for this show, it’s rather amusing and very much needed for the effect.


So we have three characters, Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) who have their respective ‘horrible bosses’ played by Kevin Spacey (Harken), Jennifer Anniston (Julia) and Colin Farrell (Pellit). You have here a full solid cast and I know some of us are thinking, no way…there has to be some weak points that’ll bring the film down. I admit I actually was trying to find where the movie goes wrong but not much success there. I do have few things to complain but they’re trivial enough to be covered by the overall premise. Before I get to that, I think it’d be good to just warm up to the story itself first.


Nick has been working his ass off for months, and getting hints from his boss Harken (who complains like hell even if he’s 2 minutes late), that he’ll be granted a higher post. However, when the day arrives for his supposed appointment, Harken unbelievably appointed himself instead of Nick to hold the post, not to mention he even crushed down the walls just to make his own larger. This is when Nick has a sudden fantasy of him dragging Harken across the hallway and threw him out the nth floor. Next we have Dale who was a sex offender. No, he didn’t rape or sexually harass anybody. Actually as repeatedly explained by him, he was just finding a decent place to pee after getting badly drunk one night and the nearest venue right beside the bar was the playground. And no, there were no kids around to be terrified either. Poor guy got arrested and labelled for the rest of his life, causing him extreme difficulties in finding jobs. Luckily he landed one at Julia’s dental, or not. It turned out Julia is a sick and I’d say, real sexual harasser who makes bold advancements to him everyday. Usually, it’s the girls who get sexually harassed right? Well, it’s the opposite for Dale.


Lastly, Kurt is happily working under a kind boss until he passed away due to a heart attack and his hellish days begin when his son, Pellit takes over. Pellit, I’d say isn’t as horrible as the former two, by comparison because his only crime is doing himself in broad daylight and threatens to fire off several workers. Well, that is if you don’t take fooling around with girls in the office every day into account. But that must have been enough to drive loyal worker like Kurt crazy enough to come up with the hypothetical plan – kill their bosses.


 They then randomly stumbles into this guy played by Jamie Foxx who gives them the genius plan for 5 grand – kill each other’s bosses and make them look like accidents. And so the surveillance begins as they stack out on all three bosses to find their weaknesses. That is until the whole plan deviates from their initial plan, but still it does get rid of them monsters. It turns out that Harken is a psycho who doesn’t think twice in shooting someone dead. And that ends my spoilers. I think I’ve given enough.

Like I mentioned, I know it’s a comedy and it does come off as that right from the beginning, but things suddenly turned really serious and a bit deranged thanks to Harken of course. I think if I were to find another movie most similar to this, it’d be Date Night – basically a mix of comedy and thriller crime. It’s funny though that Julia somehow turned out to be unaffected the most out of the three bosses. Of course Dale did get his revenge done, but it’s a bit tame for what she has done to him lol. I guess I was expecting too much on how Dale will deal with her and to see it end like that was a bit disappointing. Another annoying factor is Dale’s voice. Well, the actor Charlie’s whiny voice kinda turned me off a bit every now and then when he cries out loud or..whine like a baby. But that’s his natural voice so can’t blame him. 

There are tonnes of amazing memorable quotes so I’d just like to take this chance to say kudos to the writers. I’ll just list a few of my favs here:

“You shoved his whole bathroom up your ass!” – Dale to Kurt when he practically yes, shoves Pellit’s toothbrush and shaver in his ass, just to get back at him during their intel.

Julia: So from now on, what I’d like you to do is just tell me, you know…when and if I cross the line. Okay?
Dale: Okay. Now.
Julia: What?
Dale: Well now you’re crossing a line, coz you’re naked.

Nick: You did 10 years for video privacy? (staring at Jones)
Kurt: We’ve been taking murder advice from some guy whose biggest crime is taping an Ethan Hawke movie.

Kurt: If there’s anything I can do to help out before the baby gets here, let me know.
Marge: What baby?
Kurt: Your baby (touches Marge’s belly gently)
Marge: I’m not pregnant.
Kurt: So I’m just touching you? (grin wears off immediately)

Overall, this is a must watch for those who wants something to laugh off at. It's not something to be taken seriously but you'll be amused. If I were to choose which of the three main to be the most hilarious, it's going to be Dale, hands down. His character is well written and he's got the most hilarious lines, some of which are the best. Kurt comes as a close second while Nick is just too sensible for his own good. Out of the three bosses, the most amusing is definitely Kevin Spacey's psychotic Harken. Hey the man gave me a shock! As for Jennifer Anniston, it's refreshing to see her in a role like Julia's because I don't think she's done something like this before, well not recently that is. Though it's limited since she's not the main, Julia stands out as this sexually driven boss. And gosh! Whatever happens to Colin Farrell's hair?! I hope he's just wearing a wig there coz seriously, his HAIR! LOL...good one though. I had to look at him more than twice just to verify it's him on the screen when he first appeared.

Rating: 9/10 - watch it, just don't get too carried away and murder your bosses xDD

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