Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Usagi Drop [ep 10]

It' WINTER and Daikichi learns what most parents are afraid of during that season. Falling sick is a dreadful experience and all parents take precautions to prevent it from happening to their children. Daikichi however recalls his own experiences as a young mischievous boy.

Basically the episode begins with Daikichi making friends with a bunch of other fathers in the school. One of which is a model, same age as Daikichi but obviously much cuter, handsome and dresses smart. He makes Daikichi looks like an old ojiisan in comparison.

He meets Yukari there and overhears a conversation between the mothers about the weather and worrying about their children catching a cold. Later that day, Rin shows unwanted symptoms and Yukari is convinced she has a fever. Daikichi brings her to the doctor who confirms that she doesn't have a flu but only a fever. Equipped with medicines, they go home but Rin refuses to take the meds.
When you have a sick kid and as stubborn as Rin who wouldn't take any meds no matter what, feed her ice. yes, ICE CUBES. So, Yukari saves the day for Daikichi who's worried sick watching Rin's face blooming red and looking as if the worst is about to happen. Yukari comes back during the night and makes Rin porridge. Rin starts eating again and the next morning, she's all good. So Daikichi definitely owes it to Yukari for helping so much. Won't be surprised if they end up together and that's make Kouki Rin's stepbrother lol. Daikichi definitely worries too much in this episode. You can practically see his facial hair growing by the day, unshaved! gosh...

An okay episode. Rin's sick so there's not much to see. I prefer the happy and energetic Rin. But it gives room for Daikichi and Yukari to develop. Rating: 7/10

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