Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gou~ Himetachi no Sengoku [ep 26]

Gou was married for the second time and it was a mutual love between her and Sir Hidekatsu, naturally she was very content and happy. She was pretty excited to be a wife and began doing household chores, for example, folding her husband's clothes, despite her maids' opposition. That night, she reflected on how she didn't like the purpose of their marriage - to watch over Hidekatsu's brother, who was newly appointed as the Regent.
"Sir Hidetsugu doesn't have what it takes to be Regent. If you are Saru (monkey), then he is Baby Monkey." - Gou to Hideyoshi

They visited the new Regent and found him bored with the job.
However, Gou got to see the brotherhood bond between the two and found that Hidetsugu had a liking for poems and stories, something she never thought of before, until he got excited when talking about it with Hidekatsu. Later that night, Hidekatsu requested Gou to get to know his brother more and understand him. He then moved on to a serious topic.

He broke the news about him leading 8000 troops to Korea, as ordered by Hideyoshi who wanted to expand his control. Gou was, no doubt, devastated and wanted to tell Hideyoshi against the plan, but was stopped by Hidekatsu.
I'm sorry, Gou - Hidekatsu

It was an inevitable event that Hidekatsu had no choice but to go since Hideyoshi's adamant about the plan. Most of the Lords couldn't even advise him. Meanwhile, Hideyoshi's mother fell ill. She asked Gou to forgive Hideyoshi for all the things he had done to him.

I can't help but feel sorry for Hideyoshi's mother. She was already on her deathbed and still begging somebody else to forgive her son? But this was a really sad scene, and it really moved me.
 At the battlefield, Hidekatsu faced challenges after they found that the Korean battleships were much more powerful and something they'd never seen before.

so handsome!!!

After she passed, there was a brief scene of Hideyoshi telling Gou how he lost a lot of his beloved ones. Gou just looked at him sympathetically. I find this really ironic. IS this called KARMA? He should've realized the signs all along! Too late, Hideyoshi. You're slowly moving towards your own end...I like Hideyoshi a lot coz he's a prominent figure in the show.

Photobucket Due to some conflict between Hidekatsu's soldiers with the local Koreans, Hidekatsu was accidentally slashed by his own people. The injury became more serious that they first thought. I could only think of him being infected. How could he die so easily?! Arghh...such a short-lived character. I want to see more of him! T__T

The news hit Gou really hard but at the same time, she went into labor pain. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Sad though, her baby was exactly like her. Born without a father and during the war.

Such a sad episode again. I really like Hidekatsu and it's such a shame that he and Gou was only together for such a short period of time. But Gou did give him a child, at least. And such a sad dismiss also for Hideyoshi's mother. She was such a lovely character. Rating: 9/10


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