Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zenkai Girl [ep 4]

After having watched both Wakaba and Shindo the other night, Shota becomes dispirited at home, often seen sighing while doing chores. This is of course an obvious sign that he had indeed fallen in love with Wakaba. Meanwhile, Wakaba happily dated Shindo, going to fancy restaurants but still managed to balance between work and private matters.


One day while dining at a French restaurant with Shindo, Wakaba met Shota who, coincidently, prepared the meal which she praised beforehand. Nuff to say she was surprised by Shota's hidden talent in cooking.

I need a guy who cooks

She then found out from the colleague the reason Shota stopped venturing into French cuisine and felt frustrated. She couldn't help but think the reason being "French cooking is a tough world to be in" was just a mere excuse. After a short heaty argument between the two, Wakaba managed to kick some sense into Shota, making him more confident to try his chance in French cooking again.

There was a brief scene between her and Pitaro (Shota's son). It was sweet though.


Would you accept a Pill Bug from kid?

To be honest, I was beginning to lose tiny bit of interest from the last episode. Mostly because everything just seems to predictable now. Wakaba's character is just a really materialistic person who sees nothing ahead of her except for luxury. Not to say I feel sorry for Shota but the characters aren't as appealing as they did in the first two episodes. The storyline's been a bit of a lackluster lately. Something's missing but I don't know what exactly. It's like I can just know what's going to happen in the next 10 mins or so...


But the final scene with the little kid saves the episode for me. I'm giving this a 6.5/10. I wonder how much they can churn out in the next 7 episodes with the way the story's heading.

Here's a quick look at the ratings:
Ep 1 - 14.6%
Ep 2 - 9.8%
Ep 3 - 12.7%
Ep 4 - 11.9%

When I compared these to Soredemo, Ikite Yuku:

Ep 1 - 10.6%
Ep 2 - 9.2%
Ep 3 - 7.4%
Ep 4 - 9.7%
Ep 5 - 9.5%

I just couldn't seem to decipher the reason why SIY has lower ratings than ZG. I bet it's fans of Ryo and Aragaki Yui who contribute to the over 10% ratings constantly. Because I really think SIY deserves more attention than it's getting. SIY is so underrated!

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