Friday, August 26, 2011

Usagi Drop [ep 5] - estranged mother

Aww....Rin still wakes up ocassionally in the middle of the night, crying...and while Daikichi thought she has bad dreams, he finds the reason why after he meets the mother. Before going into the mother part, let's just talk more on Rin. Not sure what urges her, but apparently, she finds a liking in making food for Daikichi. She asks for a children's knife. Are those real knives or just plastic ones? Ummm...


Upon getting the knife, she makes curry, under Daikichi's supervision of course. So hilarious when she forgets whether she should pull or push while cutting the potatoes. xD How many 6 year old kids around you is as independent as Rin, cooks and knows how to tend for herself...
wonder if the curry really tastes as nice as Daikichi claims...
Now onto the estranged mother part. Finally, Daikichi arranges a meeting with her near Grandpa's place. I for one, thought she'd have been far far away from home, but surprised to find she's still very much near Rin after all this time. Masako gives me a distant and odd impression, almost gauche and sometimes cold in the way she communicates with Daikichi. She doesn't have any problem in speaking her mind, instead, in some ways, she's more blunt that I thought she'd be. Like how she never hesitates one bit when Daikichi asks if she has any objection in having Rin stay with him in the future. Half of me wished she'd at least pause or think twice, or even maybe say she wants Rin back, but what a letdown. She has no problem with that plan as she claims that she's no longer Rin's mother and how it wouldn't be fair to decide for Rin after abandoning her.

By the end of the conversation, I don't know whether I should be happy for Rin or not for having such a mother. It was like, the meeting won't make much difference at all. Oh but, it's still not clear whether Rin's really Grandpa's child. Along the conversation, I have a feeling that Rin is Masako's child with another guy, and somehow she ended up being a maid at Grandpa's, being pregnant and all, Grandpa decides to raise Rin. If it's like that, then Grandpa has inherited his good genes to Daikichi because that's exactly what he's doing now. Taking care of a stranger's child.
Rin's mother has only one request from Daikichi. She hopes he'd change Rin's surname to his family's, making it from Kaga Rin to Kawachi Rin. Daikichi as to respect Rin's decision, wants to discuss the issue properly with Rin before making his own. Rin refuses to change her surname. For her, it's precious to keep it as Kaga Rin, because that's the name Grandpa gave her. So it stays that way then!
Sometimes I wonder if Rin's really just a 6 year old kid. At times, she can handle adult conversations like these, something people way beyond her age only can do. But Rin is mature in that sense. And her bond, her unbreakable bond with Grandpa! Sooo sweeeeet. Grandpa really is very important for her huh?
So Masako is living with another guy, probably boyfriend? I notice she eats a lot...when she's upset or something.
Will we see a change of heart in Masako?
Rating: 8/10

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