Friday, August 26, 2011

Usagi Drop [ep 4]

Finally, finally....the revelation is near. I was thinking maybe we'll never get to know about Rin's past and her mother, but looks like Daikichi manages to dig out quite a lot of stuffs in this episode! 

But first, a little summary- Rin's classmates at the nursery questions about Daikichi. They are shocked to hear that Daikichi isn't her father, and she doesn't have a mother. What's more shocking is when she tells them that Grandpa is her daddy!
Rin befriends a boy whose mum is divorced and a single mother. From him, she learned the word 'divorce'. And Daikichi again and again...sacrifices more and more for Rin. He decides to transfer to another department which enables him to have more time for Rin. I have tonnes of things to praise for Daikichi. I mean, he gives up smoking, he gives up drinking...and now, he gives up his career. No, not career literally, just a transfer. But he does so much for Rin even only knowing her for 3 months!  
Rin finally meets her competition in hand-tuggin!

Rin has a liking for younger kids! I can foresee her being a great caring oneechan if she ever has little bro or sis. She's just so naturally drawn to play with them or care for them...take for example, feeding the little kid above.
Rin blushes when praised! How cute is that!

Daikichi also befriends the boy's single mother at nursery. Will we see sparks between the two in future epis?
I think Daikichi making friends with other parents, especially single parents will help in boosting his confidence and also to share certain experiences or ask advices on various things.

Rin is also very fond of Usagi stuffs...she has a bunny pillow, a bunny bag etc...and now she's into bunny hair fashion!~ I'm just immediately reminded of Mana-chan's hair back in Marumo no Okite ...and it's similar! Good to see the resemblance already because Mana-chan is portraying Rin in the live-action version of this anime.
So back to the revelation...Rin's mother was a maid in Grandpa's house?! That was far more shocking that anything I've anticipated. And to add to that, Grandpa had a blog online! Wow...though he made mistakes in kanji and stuffs, it helps Daikichi discover more about Rin's mother. So, the mother was working as a maid back in the house, and Grandpa's will makes her sound like a good mother, but wasn't ready to become one. But what reason for her to leave such an adorable kid like Rin behind without any trace? And it wasn't stated in the will whether Rin truly is his blood and flesh. So that still remains a grey subject. But whatever it is, Rin turns out to be an obedient child.
Rating: 8.5/10


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