Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gou~ Himetachi no Sengoku [ep 25]

Wow...this episode was like a roller-coaster ride! So much things crammed into one episode. Not complaining though! Keep it coming! 

So, finally...Rikyu's end is here. Upon hearing the news that Hideyoshi threatened Rikyu to commit seppuku, Gou couldn't refrain herself from arguing with Hideyoshi, but to no avail. He was adamant in his decision. In the end, Gou and Hidekatsu went secretly to see Rikyu for the final time. Gou was hoping to persuade him to apologize to Hideyoshi.
But Rikyu remained calm, composed and told her silently that he was ready to die and couldn't wait to meet Gou's uncle, Lord Nobunaga, who he once served. He then made the final cup of tea for Gou.

The scene was extremely touching. Rikyu is definitely a man to be remembered and honored. He knew very well what he was doing, what he wanted in life and to readily accept death are be learned. At least Gou got to drink his final tea, and made a proper farewell to the man who meant a lot to her.
the final cup of tea

Rikyu's death hit Hideyoshi quite hard...but that is nothing compared to the next event that occured. His only son, Tsurumatsu fell sick soon after Rikyu's death, and couldn't be saved. He was only 3 years old. Having these chain of sorrowful events come one after another caused him to go mad. Yes, almost crazy.
Photobucket Of course, Chacha was in dismal and rejection too...that Hatsu traveled all the way to visit her. Chacha found comfort in One's consoling words. One asked her to have another child, to save everyone, including Hideyoshi, her and Chacha herself from this pain. 

Hideyoshi gone mad after Tsurumatsu's sudden death

Hideyoshi then was coaxed by his right hand man to focus on Korea. The idea planted in Hideyoshi's mind caused the next big war to happen. He planned to send troops across the sea to Korea, probably to teach them a lesson for not listening to him in the last visit. Meanwhile, Hidekatsu asked to marry Gou, in return, he'd watch over his brother, who was appointed as the Regent by Hideyoshi. Both him and his brother were adopted as his sons. Hideyoshi then became Taiko, the Regent's father. I wonder what was his plan though. The aging that caused him to pass down the title? He sure looked older right after he's gone mad. But ah...finally Gou got to marry someone she loved. But how long will it last? Hidekatsu is seen going to war in the next episode. Will their marriage be shortlived just like Gou's first one?
Rating: 9/10

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