Friday, August 26, 2011

Usagi Drop [ep 3]

Daikichi brings Rin back to his parent's house and surprisingly, his parents seem to accept her much better compared to the first episode. It's like a 180 degree change which makes it kinda abrupt at first. Rin, when surrounded by the people who detest her before, is shy and always hides behind Daikichi. It's really heart-warming to watch her clinging on to Daikichi wherever he goes, even to the loo! Daikichi is the only one she finds comfort in.
Daikichi has another mission by going back to the hometown. He wants to try find out more about Rin's mother. He searched high and low at Grandpa's old house, only to find random letters and a modem. What's with the modem anyway? Grandpa has internet in his house?! We should not underestimate a 79 year old grandpa from now on.
Despite the sudden change in Daikichi's parents' attitude, Daikichi's sister is still pretty much in dismay to discover that her brother has taken Rin under his wings. Seriously, does she always have to appear in such a scary and horrifying expression eevrytime she appears on screen? Anyone would be terrified by her, let alone a 6 year old innocent kid! Please do not traumatize her further.
Rin acts differently when she's alone with Daikichi and when she's around his family. At home, as Daikichi tells his parents and sister, Rin is a much more cheerful kid who gets excited over the tiniest thing. Daikichi is right on the spot by saying that Rin behaves more quiet in front of the others because of the impression they gave her before at the funeral. They were not only watching her with such unwelcoming expression on their faces but also as if Rin's a burden none of them want anything to do with. So then, the parents try to warm up to Rin. It's lovely to see Rin slowly warming up to their approach.

Even Daikichi's monster sister takes the initiative to give advices on how to dress her up pretty. xD
Overall, the family's acceptance is a very much needed huge step in order to provide Rin with a better environment. Daikichi needs all the support he can get too so it's pleasant watch this happening.

Whenever Rin tugs on Daikichi's coat, or whatever he's wearing, I feel like hugging the little kid! 
Rating: 8/10

P.S. Am I the only one who thinks that the illustration somehow is similar to Studio Ghibli's artwork? Because the more I watch this, the more I'm reminded of Ghibli, especially Hayao Miyazaki's work.
Till the next episode!

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