Friday, August 26, 2011

Usagi Drop [ep 2] - Nursery

What I like about this anime is how realistic it is. A single guy taking care of a girl, thought to be his grandpa's child, which makes her his aunt. It's not easy to raise a kid, especially when the guy's working from morning till night and all he has to worry about is himself. As if his life isn't busy enough, an addition like Rin makes it even tougher to cope.

This episode is the beginning of life together under the roof for both Rin and Daikichi. He brings her to get new clothes and finds out that he hasn't thought about nursery for Rin. He then phones his sister for information, but it doesn't even look like she helped much. Reina still annoys me a lot, I wonder if she's gonna ever be quieter by the end of the show. A polar opposite from Rin.


Juggling between work and caring Rin proves to be a tough task for Daikichi. Still, he pushes himself to the limit and I'm amazed how he's more worried about Rin than himself. What a noble guy you are, Daikichi! But in the midst of it, he has doubts, which adds to the realism of the show. What if he has a girlfriend in the long run? How long can he possibly take care of Rin?


Rin neither frets nor complain when Daikichi is late to pick her up. Well, she did show a sad face, maybe a little upset, but at least she doesn't scream or cry out loud like what I think Reina would've done. Rin's an independent little girl. It seems like she's used to being alone or left alone. But she doesn't make herself look pitiful. This is yet another point that adds to her strength.

Why do the relatives have such a negative attitude towards Rin anyway? I understand the shock when somebody tells you that your Grandpa has a 6 year old child, is it even possible you might think, naturally. Still, the child's a victim. How can they just leave her like that? It really gives a bad impression on the society, but that's the sad truth. Easier said than done- one might say.

And the mother issue. I for one, strongly think that they should at least try to find the birth-mother. A mother's bond is not something you just forgot about. I'm sure whatever it is, there must be a valid reason she leaves Rin with Grandpa. Shouldn't they at least find out the truth? Aren't they the least curious about how Rin came about?
Rating: 8/10
How long can you stay with Daikichi, Rin?

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