Friday, August 26, 2011

Usagi Drop [ep 1]

Beware of the kawaii overload below...forgive me for posting lots of shots for just one episode. Rin is just toooo cuteee to be missed! can I miss this awesome anime this season!!!~ I first heard of Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop) when they announced the live-action of the show, starring Kenichi Matsuyama and Ashida Mana. Yes, Mana-chan is definitely the most famous youngest child star in Japan right about now. She's been on my lookout list ever since I saw her in Mother. Then, I kinda forgotten about the movie, it is out yet anyway? Definitely watching the movie, once it's subbed.

But here's the anime version. Halfway through the show, I felt tears stinging in my eyes. I don't do that for anime, well...rarely. Plus, the music is really gooood too. Background music is worth mentioning and is of cinematic quality.

Usagi Drop tells the story of Daikichi, a 30-year old salaryman who finds that his 79-year old grandfather has an illegitimate child during his funeral. Rin is a very shy and let me just say it out loud here, KAWAII 6-year old girl.
So then upon arrival at Grandpa's house, Daikichi notices the girl, often running away from the crowd, hiding behind doors and speaks very little. Actually, she doesn't speak much at all to anybody, which makes the relatives think of her as weird. However, amazingly though...Daikichi finds himself attracted to her and able to communicate with her more so than the rest. Rin finds comfort with Daikichi too.
The artwork for the anime wasn't really attractive for me, initially. But then, it grows on me little by little and now, I don't have any problem with it anymore. The paintbrush and sketchy illustrations make the anime all the more special and unique, making it stand out than the usual animes. Though, I have to admit, Daikichi's worn out and Ojiisan look did turn me off in the beginning, but gladly I got used to him after a while.

But Rin on the other hand is total kawaiiness...I'm not big on kids, I think I mentioned that earlier in other posts before, but I'm fond of quiet and well-behaved kids. Naughty and noisy ones totally turn me off immediately. So naturally, Rin is one of those that I don't mind playing with or just be around with. For some odd reason, Daikichi also finds himself protecting Rin, despite only knowing her for a few days.
As opposed to Rin, Reina is such an annoying girl, who nearly turned the funeral service into a circus, if not for her mother to drag her away. Earlier on, Rin is thought to not speak much at all by the relatives, but when she's alone with Daikichi, she speaks naturally with him! The power of Daikichi shall not be underestimated from now on!


When the discussion about how to handle Rin now that Grandpa is dead, Daikichi strongly opposed to their decision to send Rin to the welfare. Instead, he boldly asks if Rin wants to stay with him. So finally, he takes care of her, for the time being, I suppose until they find a better way. It's hilarious to think that Rin is supposed to be his Aunt, when he's like 30 years old older than she is. Amazing Grandpa Daikichi has. However, it's still not proven that Rin is grandpa's child. It may sound rather ridiculous since Grandpa's 79 years old, but I don't mind that. Rin and Daikichi makes a perfect pair!

Rating: 9/10 
It moved me. That's all it counts. xDD Watch it now!


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