Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi wa Mata Noboru [ep 5]

Sighh...what has become of the lot? Are these the kind of policemen we want out on the streets? Are they reliable to save people when they can't even think straight? Sure their brotherhood bond, you might call it, seems to grow stronger by the day that even Tono can't come through. But pointless by the end of the day? We don't want meaningless bond among these men, we want good analytical and rational thinking!

The episode features the boys going for a one night two days mountain training. Why? No idea, really. To prepare them for any emergency rescues, perhaps? And out of a sudden, why is Miyata so energetic and quick to response now? It kinda seems really out of place for him to be very responsive after the events in last week's episode. To say the least, it's unnatural.

Tono on the other hand, maybe a flawless cop, but he's not a flawless human being. He's still my favorite character and nothing much can taint him atm, as I see it. Yes, he may be a stubborn rock, especially in this episode when he refused to grant the Leader's request for a special leave to rush to the hospital to care for his wife in labor. He himself has the same issue too, when his wife is finally found, but Anzai still loose, on the run. Tono insists to stay with his duty rather than meet his wife, whom he leaves voice mails, without fail every single day!

The scene whereby one of the guys slipped while crossing the river was hard to watch. One guy slipped, and the next thing you know, you see another 4, not ONE, but FOUR GUYS letting go off the rope, ignoring Tono's orders, and swam towards the guy, trying in vain to help him from drowning. Even the serious genius tried to help, that was shocking! He's supposed to be this calm and composed fella who never does silly things, but looks like he's been infected by the rest of them.

The number one rule in rescue is to save as much lives as you can. So watching FOUR GUYS flailing in the water trying to get another guy, was an eye sore for me. These are grown up guys, not some kids. Common sense, much?

I shall convince myself that Miyata's just having hormone imbalance today...
What is the deal with Tono's wife and Anzai anyway? It's been 5 episodes and they're still dragging this...are they gonna do this till the end, the 11th episode until they tell us curious viewers just WHAT exactly did Anzai do wrong? What's his crime and how does Tono's wife get involved with the mess? And Tono's wife only has like 5 lines up until now?! Doesn't she speak at all? Both characters for me, are the most underused and underdeveloped in the season.
there's something very wrong with the plot here

Ughhh...I have lost confidence in these guys. Why pick flowers, fully knowing that the flower's spot is at a STEEP HILL? I was thinking that the Leader would've at least some common sense left in him, in the midst of a bunch of irrational guys, but this is just absurd. It's obviously a lousy excuse to use in order to make the rescue of the day as part of the training. They did this in the previous episodes, using real cases to train the guys, but it's getting a bit overused.


Tono saved the episode for me. He's the only one worth watching. Think I've ranted enough. 
Rating: 5.5/10 - for overused plot and watching these young guys doing ridiculous decisions, not once but twice. Heck, they let a 40 year old man beat them in carrying their comrade down the hill?!

Final remarks: I'm watching this solely for Tono in future episodes. Not even Miura Haruma's so called 'heroic save' can redeem his earlier actions in this episode.

P.S. I'm not having pms while watching this.

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