Saturday, August 20, 2011

Team Batista 3 [ep 6]

No wonder this show's going on the 3rd season. While watching, I am constantly feeling that everybody in the show except for the two main characters are suspects. The police can't be trusted when they're against the AI technology right from the start. It also doesn't help when the suspect of one of the detectives' murder, Dr. Shimazu has a whole collection of guns in his apartment. The only ones who can save him are Gucchi and Shiratori. Then, they found that the forensic doctor, Dr. Sasai's father had connection with a previous case, falsely accused of giving wrong DNA reports, which led to the case having a re-trial. The detective who died happened to be the one in charge of the case. This might as well be her motive to take revenge for his father whose reputation was tainted because of the police.

It doesn't give a lot of suspense or cliffhangers but everyone has dark pasts and once these characters begin to show their real faces when Shiratori and Gucchi dig up the dirt from their pasts, you're beginning to wonder whether there's even one person you can actually trust. Everyone has motives to execute the murders, which seems to avoid the AI tech from getting recognition from the public. It's not a case per episode kind of show but rather, a case after another, connected to each other.

 In this episode, Dr. Sasai was a suspect of the murder, but then, she helped in finding a significant evidence that could help prove Dr. Shimazu's innocence. I'd like her to be innocent, but we never know until the end. In the meantime, Ikaruga really gives me the vibe that he had everything to do with what's going on. Maybe it's just me.

So far, we're still pinning hope on both Gucchi and Shiratori to uncover more clues in order to find the real murderer or, maybe the mastermind behind all these meticulously well-planned murders at Tojo Hospital. What exactly is the motive? Does he/she has that much grudge against the AI technology till several lives are worth sacrificing?

This is one show I'm definitely finishing. I hope there's a twist behind everything by the end of the drama. Rating: 8/10

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