Friday, August 19, 2011

The Beaver [review]

Mel Gibson is Walter. Walter is The Beaver. The Beaver is a result of split personality disorder. Basically, Walter (Mel Gibson) is heir to a successful toy company left by his dead father, but doesn't seem to be able to cope with life. He has a wonderful engineer wife and two sons, and still, has trouble communicating with people around him, drowned in depression.

Until the day he found an old beaver toy amongst his collection,which he nearly dumped. The next thing you know, he was talking through the furry toy, a completely new personality, filled with confidence.

Then, everything seemed to flow beautifully for him, his family as well as his company which was on the verge of bankruptcy. But thanks to The Beaver, he saved it and came up with sold out toys, and the family was happy to have him back. However, the eldest son still had trouble accepting his estranged father who now talked through a stuffed toy to virtually everybody.


Still, though their lives seemed to be going back on the right track again, his wife felt that the Beaver thing had to stop. She wanted his husband back, not some kind of puppet. And things began to gain momentum, little by little, the plot thickened. *enough spoiler*

You know, just yesterday I watched something similar. About a man who lost his soul and will to live. Committed suicide several times but failed. Yet, while I didn't finish the other one, I find this really intriguing. At least, the character tried to find a way to live again. Even if it meant throwing away all his past, and began a clean slate. Mel Gibson marvels in this movie. The way he changes his accent as The Beaver...the way he holds it. He brings a stuffed toy to life!

The supporting casts did quite well too. Though with limited scenes, Jodie Foster, who also directed this film, managed to portray a woman whose husband was deep under depression, supported him all the way through and tried her best to save her family. The eldest son's side story was pretty interesting too xD  So people, if you're depressed, watch this and may you find some hope to crawl back up, even if it means, using every ounce of your energy to do so.

Rating: 8/10

bye bye Beaver

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