Saturday, August 20, 2011

Super [review]

I've never been really big on superheroes movies. Though I do find myself enjoying Batman, Superman, Ironman and the likes but those are the ones where they either have superpowers or just great suit with lots of money to support their weapons/cars etc...but what if a superhero is born out of nowhere, unexpectedly, and with practically nothing, no powers, no $, no wonderful cars to wow people, but just a wrench to whack people?

That is exactly what happens to Frank (Rainn Wilson), whose wife (surprisingly acted by Liv Tyler), has fallen prey again to drugs even after being sober. Frank tries to get his beloved wife back but she is too drugged up and held captive by a drug dealer in town. Then, one night, Frank watches a local superhero show on television and suddenly has a vision of God touching his brain (yes, practically severed his head with brains and all), giving him the courage to become a superhero himself.

He begins to design his own suit, logo and all...and decides to carry a wrench as weapon, going around town, teaching bad guys ranging from drug dealers, robbers and queue-cutting people lessons. He befriends a local comic store cashier, Libby (Ellen Page), who finds out about his little secret.

I gotta say, the costume isn't too shabby for a self-made, except for the numerous patches around it lol...Libby decides to join as his sidekick, just as Batman has Robin xD

Their biggest target? Jock the drug dealer who steals his wife. It's amazing how love can push someone to the limits.
meet The Crimson Bolt and kid sidekick, Boltie

I didn't really expect much from this movie initially, but was pleasantly surprised by its overall package. Sure, some parts may be a bit draggy at times, especially the beginning as we watch a helpless man, losing his wife and cried. Yes, cried like a baby. But when that was established, the action just keeps coming at you. Of course, no flying or awesome fighting scenes, but hilarious enough to keep you entertained. At least I was lmao at some scenes. Still, towards the end, there are some really surreal stuffs and proved to the audience that this is not just any superhero comedy and it can get bloody real at times. This is a pretty good comical movie about two misfits coming together as wannabe superheroes and worth mentioning the soundtrack xD At least, the ending fighting scene kinda wow-ed me a little there. You'll be surprised with the ending though ^__^ Oh and Rainn Wilson kinda rocks in his Crimson Bolt role, the character is practically made for him. Ellen Page is also a pleasure to watch as his easily overly-excited sidekick.
Rating: 7.5/10

that's where we are now, in between the panels, Frank?

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