Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou [ep 5]

I don't know if Case no.4 is supposed to even be a case. The only thing that makes it half a case is the stealing of T-shirts by the culprits and beating of the promotion committees for this all girls band The Fourth has taken up on. But that aside, Alice is being a constant nuisance, in a nice way though. Yeah, she's childish and acts like a spoiled brat, but hey, she's still a kiddo! but it makes you wonder where her parents are, who exactly is she and who's paying for her rent and all? Okay, so maybe she gets paid for her detective jobs. 

But I'd like her true identity to be revealed soon enough because it's itching my brain to figure that out. Is she even human?! Well, it is pretty heart-warming though watching Narumi and the rest of the members take care of her, but funny how Narumi's been her fav ever since. Narumi's job includes: 

1. Sending meals up for her
2. Opening Dr Pepper cans for her because little girl's got insufficient energy to pop one
3. Washing her soft toys another chore for Narumi


omg Alice! Look at what you've done to poor Liril!

 Chore no.4 : Send emergency deliveries to The Fourth to sew back damages done to teddies

Oh, can someone explain to me what exactly is Ayaka's role in this show other than being Narumi's classmate and working part-time with him at Master's ramen shop? Cause she doesn't seem to serve much purpose at all. Sure, she appears once in a while, leaves very little impression and it's as if, it doesn't make any difference whether she's even in the show at all. That said, I hope for more from her, probably her own arc soon, just like how Master's got hers in the previous episode.

What's with the guy's thunder hair imitation?!
Another addition to the weirdos in the show. Meet Renji, who Narumi meets at one of the clubs, before he caused a death possibility.


Oh by the way, who's the guy at the tailor's shop where Narumi bumped into The Fourth? The tailor is related to The Fourth? Coz he seems to know quite a lot about him. A close childhood friend, perhaps or something more than that? ummm....

Overall, the episode doesn't deliver much on the case, but watching Alice ranting about Narumi's responsibility of taking care of her and then blushing all of a sudden most of the time is still a pleasure. Nothing serious, but light comedy. The case's not over yet, so it'll be carried on to the next.
Rating: 7.5/10

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