Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou [ep 4]

Case no.3 focuses on Master or Min-san that operates the Hanamaru Ramen shop just below where Alice stays. The story's pretty much very predictable, since in the last episode, it was already hinted. But anyways, the plot goes something like this: A stranger comes and orders different types of ramen but only takes a sip, and leaves his pay on the table. Only ONE sip and this makes Master really frustrated, thinking her ramen is not up to his taste. Then, she forces Narumi to stay back to help her practice making the soup/ramen every single night.


zombie Narumi

That's not all. Another person apparently broke into her house everytime the stranger appears. They thought both of them are accomplices at first. Guess what the guy took from Master's shabby shop? Her sarashi. Sarashi is a type of long cotton cloth, tied around the chest area. Why sarashi? The guy is a pervert?!


Upon the Master's request, Alice begins her operation to hunt the culprits down. The guy who steals her sarashi happens to be this lingerie designer who can't bear watching somebody like Master, with huge boobs, keeping it all under the thick sarashi, instead of flaunting it with a bra.


How dare you teach me how to flaunt my beauty?! (lolz)

Well, case almost closed with one culprit apprehended. So who's the stranger that never touches Master's ramen after taking a sip? Totally obvious. Her father sends a box of the ingredients for the soup/ramen with full recipe to Master one day.

And the final scene was really hilarious. The guy sends to each Master and Alice - the lingerie he designed. He claims to be able to tell the size just by looking.


Master doesn't know how to wear a bra?! Oh the shock!

The episode was really enjoyable though the Master's father part was totally predictable from the first 5 minutes. But the most wth part was the designer guy's reason for stealing Master's sarashi lolz...that was not what I expected.
Rating: 8/10


enjoy your new lingerie, Alice

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