Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hanawake no Yonshimai [ep 5]

This week's episode focuses on the photographer boyfriend of Sakurako's.I'm making this short coz I don't feel like ranting a lot. The show's beginning to lose my attention. I still like Takemi's character, but Sakurako is just kinda dumb compared to her. She's totally easy to fool, having a lot of distrust towards the so-called boyfriend, but also easily consoled back by him everytime they have a brief argument. I'm bit tired watching their inconsistency in the relationship.


Basically, Takemi asked for his help to snap pictures at the old folks' home and in the meantime, he wished to enter a competition, but the organizer happened to be his enemy, an obasaan. Then in order to enter the competition, he nearly slept with the obasaan, except, as usual, Takemi arrived out of nowhere to drag him away. They spent the night at the beach because the guy wished to take the summer's morning glory (sunrise), which was apparently his favorite scenery. However, Sakurako saw them together in the car the night before, when the guy promised to bring her to watch fireworks together, but didn't.


Meanwhile, big sis met up with her old lover, a senior who recently came back to the company to work. And youngest sis, Ume had a brief encounter with the senpai she had a crush on. *shall not spoil this*


No doubt Takemi is the heroine in a every episode. Her *competition* with Sakurako makes Sakurako looks really dumb, I'm sorry but seriously, Sakurako needs to stand up on her own or she'll end up with a douchebag like that guy. I still don't have good impression on the guy. I'm not sure if I'm dropping this yet. But if next week's episode still focuses on Sakurako's inability to decide for her own good....I'm dropping. Rating: 6.5/10


the douchebag

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