Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gou~ Himetachi no Sengoku [ep 22]

Time to rejoice! Chacha's finally pregnant. This will be Hideyoshi's first birth-child. Before this, all of his children were adopted, so basically, he was totally elated to hear the news. He had high hopes for it to be a boy, even went to the extent of preparing all boy toys. However, Chacha told him that if the baby is a boy, she has a wish to be granted. In order to celebrate his joy and prove his love for Chacha, he ordered a castle to be built where she will be giving birth. The castle, named Yodo shall be owned by Chacha, making her status as his wife, and also a Lord (for owning a castle). Which I think, was a pretty huge thing back then.

Finally, the day had come for the baby to arrive and I've always been amused by the comic relief this taiga offers every once in a while. Hideyoshi can be really hilarious in some scenes. And I like his little bickering with Gou most of the time.

However, he can also be really vicious in order to protect what's important to him. For example, there was a rumor floating around that the child wasn't his. They sort of made fun of him being a childless father for so long. When the culprit couldn't be caught, he simply executed and burnt towns to get his message through.
So, he got a son...xD


The middle sister, Hatsu came along to visit their newborn nephew, with her husband.


As to what Chacha wished for, Hideyoshi needed to hold a memorial service for both her parents. He agreed to give her anything she wishes. I think it's really nice of him and also Chacha to remember her parents.

I enjoyed this episode a lot basically because a new baby is born! It's always a happy thing to have a newborn xD I can't wait however to see Gou's first meeting with Lord Tokugawa's son, Hidetada (pic below). He finally appears!


Rating: 8/10

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