Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jiu [ep 2]

Following the events that took place in the last episode, Kadokura was forced by the villain to undress, if not, he would hurt the hostage. Being a negotiator, this left her with no choice but to comply. Well basically this was where things began to escalate.


Two major events in a police mission like this are bound to draw a lot of media attention. 
1. A policewoman appeared with hostage, in her undergarments.
2. A policewoman shot the villain, without direct orders.

I just don't get the whole *undergarment* thing being criticized by the media. Of course, one would think that something might have happened to her in the house, who knows, still...the criticism is beyond me. Furthermore, Izaki shooting the bad guy was heavily criticized as well. She obviously shot him in order to save him. She didn't shoot him right in the heart or head when he tried to commit suicide. She practically saved his life.

Basically while watching this episode I couldn't help but feel like the rest of the police force (especially the upper levels) are really morons. Also, the injustice inflicted on policewomen throughout the episode. What are the men doing? They stay on one side, being cowards while watching both of their comrades getting punished for doing their duty. There's also an apparent difference in the way they treat both Kadokura and Izaki. They're more concerned of Kadokura and even gave her nickname "Miss Cannes", but when Izaki faced trouble too because of this case, they couldn't care less what happened to her.

In order to prevent any further problems, the norm is to push these two people to places that wouldn't grab anymore attention. Izaki was ordered to enter SAT (Special Assault Team), which only accepts male. That'd mean she will be the first female to be allowed to join. She accepted it right away. Is there nothing she's scared of?

I just find it pretty amazing how Kadokura's family has no idea what was going on with their daughter after the event that took the news by storm. Kadokura still managed to lie to them about her real job in the police force, and the injury inflicted was because of some traffic accident during work. So where are they transferring her to? She'll work under a detective who was in charge of a kidnapping case elsewhere.


A pretty alright 2nd episode overall. Still a bit slow on the plot. Next episode looks more interesting as we see signs of bullying for Izaki at the training camp. So rating for this: 7.5/10.

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