Monday, August 22, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha [ep 18]

A little break from the drama reviews. Will get back to that real soon. Just would like to catch up a little bit with this anime I'm following.

This episode's a good one. I like how they gave Nakochi a chance to tell her side of the story. So, at home, we see a very lively daughter who takes care of virtually everything in the household. Cooking, chores, feeding her brother/sisters, reading them to sleep and it makes you wonder what are her parents doing? Arguing about the best way to raise a child. Speechless...

However, when she steps out of the house, she instantly becomes a very quiet and shy person. The outside world scares her to bits.

I can't breathe...I can't ...breathe..

Payday finally arrives and Ohana's pay got cut while Nako receives much higher amount for the month.
Am I supposed to eat grass for the next 30 days?!

Yuina, as usual,prompted them to go shopping after getting their pay. "Money is supposed to be spent!"
Ohana-chan...where are you looking at?

After much persuasion, actually more like force from Yuina, Nako changed into the selection of outfits and finally, decided to buy them all after getting praises from all three girls. On the street, these bunch of guys then appeared suddenly and hit on them.


this is the lamest 'nanpa' I've ever seen -__-
Yuina tried to chase them away but the guy reached for Nako's hands instead of hers lolz...



never saw this day coming!
It was good that they revealed the reason for the sudden raise at the end of the episode. Apparently, the customers were happy with all the detailed information Nako wrote down for them about where to snap beautiful pictures of summer flowers. So I guess the old Nako still has some good traits not to be ashamed of! 

The episode focused on Nako entirely so there wasn't much space for the other characters. I still am waiting for more Minko-Tohru story. xD

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