Monday, August 22, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha [ep 16+17]

A movie is about to debut at Kisuisso, much to everyone's delight. Who wouldn't be excited to be in a movie? The Madam Manager didn't oppose to the plan, surprisingly and let her son have full control. This kinda boosts his confidence but something is definitely fishy with the whole idea. However, everyone's too nervous to think about the fishy part and made preparations for the camera to start rolling.

PhotobucketThere was this pool at the backyard which the young Master insisted them to clean up. He made a point that the pool will play a major role in the movie. Imo, his flashbacks obviously had something to do with it more so than the movie.

trying to mimic Kiki's Delivery flying broom style?

I suppose Minko's the only one who doesn't feel the excitement.

despite her constant sudden outburst of rage, she's still my fav character

What kind of movie portrays waitresses getting shot like these?
death never looked this beautiful

Ohana's mother made a call to Madam Manager, her mother and warned her about the fishy movie plan. It was obvious that Ohana's mother was the better choice to inherit the business than the younger brother, but since Ohana's mother wasn't interested with the business, this left the grandmother with no other choice. So, despite the warning, she let him deal with the plan. 

still couldn't perfect the art of peeling white radish

So it turned out to be true that they got cheated. The Young Master lost quite a huge sum of money but what surprised me was how calm most of them took it. Ohana didn't seem to realize about the $ part too, while practically everyone else in town was talking about it. Yuina is climbing on the chart of my fav character list for actually sprinting to Kissuiso just to check if everyone's doing alright. Seeing how Ohana wasn't as depressed as she thought they'd be, Yuina decided not to tell her about the scam.

ahhh I totally expected that expression from Minko!

Whatever happened to Ohana's arc with Ko-chan? And also Tohru-Minko pair? They seem to be shifting the stories to the other characters that I'm not half as interested as these few ones.

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