Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gou~ Himetachi no Sengoku [ep 23]

After the joyful event in last episode, this one began with sorrow. Hideyoshi's sister whom he sent off to Lord Tokugawa as wife (hostage), passed away due to sickness, I presume as it wasn't explained.

Hidetada was also there, sent as hostage by his own father, Lord Tokugawa. *the whole hostage thing kinda got me confused sometimes lol* But that was how they show their loyalty to their leaders back then I suppose. This is also the first time Gou meets Hidetada.

The day after, Hideyoshi forced his mother to cut Hidetada's hair for his coming of age ceremony. This was to make Lord Tokugawa owe his gratitude to Hideyoshi. Hidetada knew what was going on around him and from his initial impression, we can see that he disliked his father, spoke very few words to him, avoided him whenever he could, and couldn't help but being sarcastic in his words to him.

Lol I don't blame him for being distant with his father considering all of what he had done before, killing his first wife and eldest son just to prove loyalty...and then sending off Hidetada's brother as hostage.

before coming of age

after coming of age

Meanwhile, we also see friction beginning to rise between Hideyoshi and Rikyu, the monk or tea master who initially served Gou's uncle, Lord Nobunaga. Rikyu seemed to show his disagreement in Hideyoshi's conduct.

During a visit to the Jurakutei, Gou met Hidekatsu, Hideyoshi's nephew. He shall be Gou's second husband, if I'm not wrong xDD Then, a third person joined in, Hidetada. Gou's bickering with Hidetada really is very entertaining! They're so funny together! Up until now, only Gou has been this outspoken person and isn't scared or very bold in speaking her mind out. She has finally met her competition - Hidetada!


the future awaits them both

The episode lacks action and there wasn't anything much EXCEPT for Gou and Hidetada's scenes! Those were the only highlights of the episode. I've come to accept the fact that since this taiga is narrated through the eyes of women during the sengoku era, we won't be seeing much of actual war/battle scenes. Sometimes that's the only thing I regretted. However, we get to see how was life for the women born during that era, which is more than enough for me. xD Here's to more Gou-Hidetada scenes!

Rating: 8.0/10 (Gou-Hidetada scenes a must watch!)

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