Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don Quixote [ep 3]

A visit to the doctor was in vain when the doctor gave them psychological advice instead of giving them a real cure to the matter. Needless to say, Sabashima got mad and nearly killed the doctor xD At the Child Welfare center, Sabashima got another job, a juvenile delinquent this time. Then, he met the person he despised so much, a police he had dealt with last time. His anger escalated while communicating with him.


Never ever piss Sabashima off...lolz

Another person to avoid pissing is....none other than a yakuza wife.

The case was about this kid, getting himself involved in pirated games distribution. Since Sabashima had a long history with the the police detective who now was aiming the kid, he was determined to save the kid no matter what it takes.
The kid one day escaped from the Child Welfare center causing the detective to more than ever wanted to arrest him. Sabashima asked assistance from Shirota who now had his followers to search around for the kid.

Three against the police.

The episode wasn't as entertaining as the 2nd but nevertheless, it was quite fun to watch both of them work together to go against the police. I think it was the case story that couldn't appeal to me as before. I'd like to see more of the yakuza story though, but since it's formulaic, it should just be about the children welfare. Also, why is Narumi Riko's character just lingering around with such minimal screentime? I think anybody could've taken her place instead if that's how it's gonna be throughout the show. It's bit of a waste of her talent though.

Since the case story wasn't as appealing, I give this 6.5/10.

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