Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gou~ Himetachi no Sengoku [ep 20]

I know this is an abrupt post, I did a preview before this on Gou and then I never continued. As mentioned in the previous Gou post, this is my first Taiga drama. To sum it all up on why I actually tried watching, is because of Ueno Juri. But anyways, the drama itself is very engaging and I don't mind a few Japanese history lessons.

I'm not gonna write about the last 20 episodes though, that'd be..taihen da! This might not even continue but since I'm bit free tonight and catch up with this episode, I just thought of posting this up a bit. So, in episode 20, it's all about Hideyoshi and Chacha's relationship. I'm not gonna even call it *love* because...well, I just thought it seemed really wrong whenever I see them both together. The obvious age gap is there, I mean, Hideyoshi might as well be her father! And it made him sound like a pedophile. But, I do understand that this is during the age whereby age gap didn't exist. If a mere 5 year old kid could get married to another 5 year old kid, then this, THIS is nothing compared to that. I just have to force myself to remember that this is the time where concubines are common.


Gou (Chacha's little sister) had minimal screentime and popped out from time to time just to show her disapproval about any love budding between her sister and Hideyoshi or nicknamed Saru= monkey by her. This was because Hideyoshi was the one who killed both their parents during the war (in previous episodes). He did however take really good care of them after that, except for few misconduct, like forcing Gou for political marriages and then made her divorce as he liked. That was kinda evil of him though.

In this episode, Hideyoshi finally realized that his move towards Chacha would head nowhere as she was adamant in rejecting him. The excuse was that he was their enemy. Though Chacha rejected him, she looked as if she was sad about it. Hideyoshi then came back with a marriage proposal, not from him. I wanted to shout *THANK GOD* for that because I wasn't really into their partnering. I knew they were gonna end up together anyway, but it was due to reflex xD


Hideyoshi decided to marry her off to another renowned high class family. Gou was of course rejoiced that the monkey had finally given up on pursuing her sister but somehow it did not bode well with her. She was right and that night, Hideyoshi and Chacha met again under the moon, yes, the moon had become some sort of a symbol. Chacha voiced out her disappointment, well she didn't exactly said out loud, "why didn't you marry me?" but it was some sort of a roundabout way and Hideyoshi finally expressed his strong feelings and...you know what came out of this.


Next episode looked more promising, I am all for Gou's anger over their relationship. I want to see Gou in action. That said, I'm giving this episode a 6.5/10. Well, I have come to realize that there'd be some episodes which will be draggy and long-winding, and nothing much happens, but this is one drama I'm determined to finish. It's my first taiga anyway.xD

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  1. Nice post! ^^

    It's such a wonderful and interesting drama (Taigas definitely rock! =D).
    You learn quite a lot about japanese history and the perspective (a woman's) in which the story is told is also really fascinating!

    Concerning Hideyoshi and Chacha's relationship ... I have to admit that I really love this couple! (Anyone else!?)
    I'm such a sucker for these "Beauty & the Beast" kind of love stories and thus more extraordinary couples!

    And -call me nuts- but I think Hideyoshi is quite handsome! ^w^


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