Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bull Doctor [ ep 7]

In this week's episode, Oodate's husband, who's also a doctor, live-patient doctor though, received an emergency patient last minute before he took off to join his family for summer holiday camping. The operation went well, but few days after, the patient died suddenly due to pulmonary embolism. He couldn't explain to the parents how their son died exactly, and recommended them to opt for an autopsy to find out the real reason. However, the parents declined thinking that if there was after all a medical error, the hospital would surely keep it from getting out.


Oodate then decided to persuade the family to go for a legal autopsy, which would have to involve the police. This caused a rift between her and her Takahiro (husband). Her colleagues, and especially Kamatsuda thought that it was bit too much for her to go that far as to put her husband on the line to help the patient's family.

Meanwhile, the Chief doctor's trembling hand and addiction to alcohol was found out by Nakura. He told him that he'd keep it a secret from everybody but hinted that it's about time for him to step down and pass the position to him. Wow...that came as a surprise to me even though Nakura never really gives me any good impression all this time. I am however very curious of the Chief's dark secret. Who was it that kept sending him threatening texts? I have a feeling it has something connected to Oodate.


So then the autopsy was held and done by Nakura since it'd be unfair to be done by Oodate, who's related to the doctor in charge. It was later on proven that there wasn't any medical error, but due to the lump of blood caused by a hit on the head. Thinking back, the mother recalled that her son hit his head on the ground while playing soccer few days before the incident. So case solved and closed.


Case aside, Nakura begins to show his evil side by threatening the Chief about his little secret. Also towards the end, Oodate's husband, Takahiro had this expression on his face, making me feel like he's also hiding something from her. Is it somehow connected to the Chief? Kamatsuda finally has her wish granted, that is for Nakura to tell her to stay by his side even when morning came, because before this, he'd always wanted her to leave before he got up. lolz...but then Kamatsuda expressed how she felt uncomfortable with Nakura that morning to Oodate. I sense something huge happening soon. Will there be a twist behind all these by the end of the show?

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