Friday, July 29, 2011

Hanawake no Yonshimai [ep 3]

This week's episode is pretty fast paced. So the review's gonna be short, coz basically it focuses on the father's divorce with the mother, who's been to Paris to avoid him. Over there, an accident occurred but the mother is okay, with just few scratches. So they await for her return to Japan. 

In the meantime, they interrogate the father about the matter, and he finally confesses that he's been seeing other women outside, causing the mother to voice out the divorce. Takemi, as usual doesn't show much expression and since the mother's not around to cook, she begins making them extravagant food, like steak, huge floral cake and lobster/sushi for breakfast. Though she may look like she's oblivious to what just happened, while the other sisters brood over the coming divorce of their parents, she seems just fine. But according to the ex-husband, that's what she does whenever she's sad over something. She'll start making delicious and grand food. So I guess, different people have different ways to cope.


On the day they are supposed to fetch their mother back, the father hands in the divorce paper. But Takemi argues that he's just running away, instead of facing the matter. In the end, he rushes thinking he will be able to be back together with the wife. However, on the way, the mother begins showing signs of post-injuries. Apparently, it turns out that the initial examination wasn't enough to make sure she's truly fine. Something goes wrong and her condition got worse.

Yes, you guessed it. The wife died. Wow...I didn't see it coming, frankly. ONLY after TWO episodes, they kill off a character. I admit the character itself may not serve much purpose in the drama, being the lovely wife and mother, who's always smiling. But still, such a demise.


It was pretty unexpected and I think the father truly regrets everything he's done. On the other hand, again...I really feel to slap Sakurako! The guy's such a douchebag! Can't she see with her own eyes that she can do so much better? I think throughout the episode, that's the only part that I toally fast-forward lol. Unless the guy goes from being a playboy to a better person, I shall skip his scenes.

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