Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hanawake no Yonshimai [ep 2]

This episode focuses more on the eldest daughter. From ep1, we know she's an ambitious woman, who is number 1 in almost everything, there's even a shelf at home just for her medals from school! In office, she has a new colleague who initially seems alright, until she actually starts to cut her hair short like her, dresses in the exact same style like her, acts like her, in other words, her duplicate. The new colleague also does things behind her back, trying to sabotage her.

But Fujiko counterattacks her claiming she can never replace her and suddenly from the heated arguments, the new colleague faints and got sick. Anyways, Fujiko visits her and finds out her background story why she came be to be like that. Hearing her story, Fujiko suddenly realizes that there's something else more important than just her job. Recently, her boyfriend tried to propose to her, but Fujiko left immediately upon receiving call from work. She then rushes to meet the boyfriend, but unfortunately, her boyfriend also realizes that he's not the one for her. Basically, they're on different levels. Fujiko ends up boyfriend-less and she did cry a bit about it, but I think she got over it rather quickly lol.

Sakurako on the other hand, sleeps over at the photographer's place constantly. But it's funny how she still doubts her relationship with the guy and even asks whether they're actually in a relationship. The guy doesn't give her a clear answer, causing Sakurako to be left wondering by herself.


At work, Sakurako relives her nightmare, seeing her troublesome sister back at her company, this time selling drinks.


Takemi also recently is visited by her ex-husband, who's also the father of the three kids. He seems to have advanced quite well in his career that he's the owner of some company now, which takes Takemi by surprise. Takemi also senses that he's dating someone, though he denies it.


The ex-hubby tries to reconcile with Takemi, but she refused, saying it's too late already.


Meanwhile, the father of the household has been seeing someone else outside, which his wife has already suspected early on. He denies it but then, he suddenly got stabbed by the crazy girlfriend and he finally confesses to his wife, promising her that he'll never do it again. Somehow, this causes the wife to do something unexpected. The next day, she leaves a letter and apparently, she has gone to Paris for a trip. This has never happened before but now the husband finally realizes how important the wife has been.

I like how they try to focus on different casts in every episode, and not just on one particular character. This gives the others more space for character development and so far, the only character that I felt suffering the most, in terms of character development is the youngest daughter, Ume. Nothing much is seens from her yet. She has her own scenes but not enough yet to make her memorable. But I do have hope that they'll let her have more screentime in the coming episodes. Like how the eldest daughter gets her own story in the 2nd episode. I just hope the writers don't screw it up coz sometimes, having too many characters and small plots in a drama can be quite hard to follow. So far, it's still okay.

Anything to complain? Well, Sakurako really needs to be tougher and get her life straight! At least, her relationship with the guy...I mean, you don't just sleep with him, without clarifying it! It's a bit annoying seeing her so blur, some way or another. Well, I think that's the only thing I'm not satisfied with.


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