Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steins Gate [up to ep6]

After watching the light-hearted Hanasaku Iroha, I tried Steins Gate as well and my oh my...I find it so difficult to digest! Steins Gate needs eternal concentration and so if you don't mind getting confused right from the first episode, only then can you proceed. I nearly got a slight headache going 20 mins into the 1st epi, I just couldn't decipher what's going on! Btw, just fyi, Steins Gate started out as a visual novel, then adapted into games, finally now remade into anime.

However, if you stick around for 2nd episode, you'll find it to be rather interesting.
Airhead childhood friend, Mayuri

So, the main character, Rintaro Okabe or as he insisted to be called as Houin Kyoma (god knows why) is shall I say, delirious? Whether or not he's a genius scientist, I don't know but he's convinced that the Organisation is sending out spies to capture him or something and he's always talking to himself on the phone. His lab consists of two initial members, one of whom is a friend (a computer geek and also a pervert) and seriously, how does a young girl like Mayuri end up being involved in his work too?

Eccentric, egoistic scientist
In the first epi, Okabe was attending another scientist's convention about time machine, and he protested claiming that the scientist was copying some John Titor's theory. Soon after that, he met another foreign scientist, Kurisu Makise, who later on, was found dead in a pool of blood.

Shocked by the scene, he then quickly tried to message his fellow friend Hashida (the hacker) about the death, and just as he pushed the 'send' button, suddenly everyone around him disappeared. For a moment, he was all alone and the next second, he saw Mayuri, offering him a bottle of his fav drink, Dr.Pepper. And he looked up to see a huge satellite crashed into a building. When he asked Mayuri and Hashida about the split second disappearance, they seemed to have no idea what he was talking about. Eventually he let it go and thought that he might be hallucinating. But at the end of the episode, he met Kurisu Makise again...ressurrected from death?! Or did he dream everything? What was real, what was not? What actually happened? All these questions will haunt you once you finished first episode. It was left hanging without answers. But 2nd episode onwards would be easier to digest.

Somehow, we just seem to accept the fact that Kurisu didn't die and that Okabe might have just imagined the whole thing in 1st episode. And he continued his project to create a time machine, using a microwave. They managed to return a banana to its original place in the past, but it turned into gel-banana as they called it.

The microwave's action was controlled by Okabe's phone. How it did it, I couldn't know for sure though it had to do with some electrical interference..I'm not really into it.

Then, the storyline got into how they discovered about SERN's secret program, the time machine project as well, and thanks to Hacker Hashida, they stumbled upon some of their confidential reports. Apparently, some human subjects had perished in the project, so they were now in the knowledge of some secret operation conducted.

Kurisu became their fourth member when she accidently witnessed the creation of gel-banana. She was more of being forced into the project. I love it when these two characters argue over the most trivial of things, I never get tired of their bickering.

Always fun to watch them both bickering
 How I wish I look as smart wearing a lab coat too...

The perfect duo
Still, there are some characters that confuses me. For example, who exactly is this woman, who seems to bug Okabe's life and sent him messages every other minute. She's rather mysterious and her true identity is still in the dark.

There's also another girl, a part-timer downstairs Okabe's lab. She seemed to have some grudge against Kurisu Makise. She definitely knew something Okabe didn't about Kurisu. I'm curious though. What was it about Kurisu that made her act strangely hostile?

Well, hopefully the next few epis will shed us some light. Although it's a serious anime with a few factual things to digest, especially when they were discussing about theories, I still find it quite intriguing. The casts are pretty good so far. Here's to next episode!

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