Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha [ep 10]

The episode begins with Ohana...working too much early in the morning and found collapsed in the hallway.

 And so...everyone's pretty much worried about her. By now, Ohana has been the one to cheer everyone up, making the whole atmosphere really genki, so when she's sick, the hype is not there anymore.
 Tohru seems to have gotten closer to Ohana after the episode where she went to find him and all...while Minko starts to feel bit jealous over the attention Tohru is giving her. I'm all for Tohru-Minko pairing though. Ohana is better off with her long time best buddy, Ko. 

But man...whatever is Tohru thinking about?
Trying to compare each other's temperature is not the way to show concern! And blushing at the same time too? I'm still finding it hard to comprehend Tohru's real feelings. He's being very strict and stern (business-like) towards Minko, but he hasn't shown this much concern for Minko.

Still having fever as Ohana goes from being awake to asleep to being blurry. There's also this show on TV that makes me kinda confused with the whole event. Why? Because I don't know whether the sequences we watch are just her imagination or happening for real.
Minko's revenge as imagined by herself.

And then it was revealed that the reason Ohana fell sick was because she woke up early just to chase away some bat in the hallway, alone when she was supposed to wait for Minko too.

Ohana was contemplating whether she should stay or go back to the city to be together with Ko. But finally, she got her answer. Looks like she's staying!


This week's episode is a bit bland, nothing special or attractive. Since Ohana is sick, there's nothing exciting going on, because everyone else is boring and there's no one to quarrel with Minko or get on her nerves. There is a tiny hint of Tohru's affection towards Ohana though I prefer to think of it as temporary. As we all know, Ohana has Ko in her mind rather than the strict Tohru. Tohru's better off with Minko. Hopefully, in the next epi when Ohana is well again, more activities and happenings will occur.

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