Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steins Gate [ep7]

At the end of ep6, another member was recruited into the team. Behold the mysterious 'Shining Finger' (as nicknamed by Okabe) aka. Phone freak woman I mentioned earlier.

someone can't survive without her phone
 Another experiment was executed as everyone awaits...

the Mad Scientist Team
Money?! Really now...
 A round table discussion was made, as Okabe proposed that they try to change the past using the technology they'd invented. And his suggestion was to win the lottery. I do understand research needs grant, and hell lot of it too as I'm also in the research field myself...but seriously?! Is money all you can think of instead of gazillions of other noble things? However, he got cold feet when the first and second prize was too much, so he opted for the third.

Somehow, during the experiment, he went off in a daze again...and when he returned, the rest of the team didn't remember him suggesting anything about the lottery. Okay, weirdness is coming back!

It seemed that only Okabe remembered what happened in the present and after he sent the mail, things go as planned, however no one else recalled the present before this.

Suzuha, the part-timer suddenly acted strangely and examined Okabe's eyes to find out whether he had been brainwashed. Finding no chip in his eyes, she concluded that he was safe. But from what? She didn't elaborate on the matter, nor did Okabe. I'm bothered by Suzuha's identity. She seemed to be someone of important knowledge and knew what was going on, but till now, there wasn't anything to reveal her motives.

Okabe eventually consulted John Titor whom he had kept in touch with via computer mailing, about the reason he retained his memory while the rest forgot what happened. John didn't have a clear answer for that as even in year 2036 (which he's from) has never heard of anyone having that kind of ability. He assumed that somehow Okabe is special.
Yes you...Okarin!

Ending was left hanging again, as always. So much suspense!

Drink this or die!

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