Friday, June 10, 2011

Steins Gate [ep9]

Why do I smell Lab member 007???
 Seemed like Ferys overheard their talk about the time machine at the Nyan cafe. Well, so much for a secretive project, Okabe! And pervert Daru just spilled everything to Ferys.

Awww...Kurisu cried for the first time
 We got to see another side of Kurisu in this episode. Overall portrayed as a steel-hearted person with curious mind, Kurisu had never shown us this side of her before. She had an argument over the phone, with someone we don't know, and Okabe stumbled upon her. But as always, Okabe was such a jerk for even pretending to care.
The next Round Table discussion was made and Okabe brought up a new mission. Physical Time Travel. But his suggestion got cold reactions from the rest of the members, even ignored. As according to Kurisu, it was impossible to conduct such advanced experiment due to the existing complications, not yet solved by them.
So true!!!
And suddenly, when the talk of IBN 5100 computer came up, Okabe realized it wasn't even there in the lab. In this world, he didn't manage to find the computer, needed to decipher some secret documents by SERN. When they sent D-mails to the past, the world line changed as well.

Apparently, Feyris nyan, a maid host at the moe club where Mayuri worked in, was from a wealthy family and owned the whole of Akibahara. And like I predicted earlier, she became the next lab member and demanded to trade IBN 5100 if she could send her own mail to the past. However, the contents of the mail was kept a secret.
the usual bickering btw Kurisu-Okabe
 And soon, we found out why Feyris wanted to send a mail to the past. It was to have her father home with her. I assumed that her present father didn't spend much time with her much, hence the mail.

But then when Okabe inquired about the IBN 5100, her father said he had given it away ages ago, not to the shrine this time around. So the past had changed a lot, the existence of IBN 5100 was a mystery now. The more mails they sent to the past, the butterfly effect changed the course of events more and more. This episode was rather confusing and suspenseful. But it should build up to the answers in the next.

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