Friday, June 10, 2011

Steins Gate [ep10]

After Feyris sent the mail to the past, the Akiba town had virtually no sign of moe-culture anymore. Okabe realized that a simple D-mail could actually bring this much change, in a bigger scale than he imagined before.

Back in the lab, the Mayushi suggested a day at the beach, and Kurisu didn't want to go if the guys were coming, and the usual banter between her and Okabe happened again, till he raised the issue of Ruka's gender up. Guess he forgot that Ruka is now a girl, not a boy anymore after the last 2 episodes. Hence, Kurisu gave him a fix.

sexual harrassment!
Suzuha then told Okabe the real reason she came to Tokyo. She was searching for her father. Okabe then recruited her as Lab Member 008. IMO, it is rather outrageous how the members just keep on increasing, without specific requirements. Isn't the project supposed to be a secret?

Okabe always taking advantage
Next mission:

To reunite Suzuha with her father.

Hard to believe but Okabe might have a soft spot in him.
do i see sparks here?
Spending the whole day preparing a scrumptious meal for Suzuha, she didn't appear anyway in the end. The mission was aborted and Okabe waited alone for her. He then received a mail from her saying "Sorry, goodbye". It was a farewell message, basically she left. And the brief scene of the rooftop where the satellite crashed gave a hint. The satellite was gone!

satellite's gone
What was the meaning of that? Did it mean that Suzuha was someone from the future? Someone who doesn't belong in this era, this period of time? What has the satellite got to do with everything so far?

Okabe had too much pride to give in to the situation, and sent a D-mail to warn himself in the past to follow Suzuha on that fateful day.

Suzuha's back
It's getting more and more suspenseful. I really want things to be revealed now. Who is Suzuha actually? What is her true intention? And the Phone Freak woman. Where did she disappear to? How did all this connect to all the events?

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