Friday, June 10, 2011

JIN 2 [ep8]

As Ryoma advanced with his plot for the Restoration of the Imperial Rule, Jin disposed off any evidence of his association with Ryoma. Ryoma was now considered as a wanted person now by the Shogun for going against them. Jin was still cracking his mind in order to remember the actual date of Ryoma's assasination.

Jin managed to somehow write a letter to Ryoma regarding the danger that lies ahead of him, although in the midst of it, the pain still came.

In the meantime, the people of Jinyu-do were preparing for the next big task to come- Nokaze's safe delivery.
Miki's ancestor is coming out!
 There was this whole political issue whereby Ryoma was involved in but I couldn't care less about it. To be frank, I watched JIN not for its historical politics, but for the medical aspect and the development between him, Saki and Nokaze. I quite like Ryoma in the first season and he was a delight to watch, however in Season 2, he kinda annoys me everytime he appears. I'm just not interested in the political drama, for that I'd watch a real taiga drama like Ryoma Den or Gou or something. So I won't elaborate on the progress of Ryoma's side story as I didn't really get what was going on anyway. But he did seem rather excited when his plan was working.
Ryoma sometimes scares me
 Now for the real highlight of the episode. Seriously, Nokaze is a likeable character, of course, Saki too. But Nokaze just seemed so noble and understanding that she couldn't be with Jin, even if she wanted to because it would mean Miki (Jin's gf in the present time) would not be born in this world.
 And so, she gave him up and found happiness on her own, which I'm really happy for her. But since her cancer had a relapse, this new challenge she faced might be too difficult to concur. 

And Nakatani Miki really gained my respect for her role in this particular drama. It really suited her and she was amazing as Nokaze. Such poise, confidence, and ultimately her sacrifice in order to fulfill her dream and also to grant Jin's wish to meet Miki again in the future, deserved some respect from audience.

So when the baby wouldn't come out the right position and with Nokaze's declining health, Jin decided to save the mother and had to let go off the baby. But Nokaze saw through Jin's lies and insisted that even without anesthetic, she wanted the baby safely delivered. A mother's strength is something to be admired by all.

I shall grant your wish
 So they went on with the Caesarian and frankly, I felt the pain myself watching this! How could one go through that enormous amount of pain if having her tummy cut open into half and someone digging in it?! That scene really took a lot of strength to watch, and this reminded me of the first episode of JIN, which I loved till now. This was the reason I love this show!
the two people at the back are like extras though

Good slap on the butt, Saki!
 But war was not over, Jin sensei! Upon hearing her daughter's first cry, Nokaze breathed her last. And what a convenient time for Jin to have an attack, tsk tsk.

And the haunting DIC complication came back again (remember the last episode with Ohatsu).
Don't die on me!
Wow...what a mindblowing episode! This really reminded me of why I came to love watching Jin before. Though I thought for sure that Nokaze wasn't going to make it, she did live to see her daughter as she wished. Jin managed to revive her after an intense piece of work xD It was a really powerful and engaging operation this time. I just thought that it'd have been better if Nokaze actually died, but if she did, she shall be missed dearly though. So, making her live was better, I suppose. I know I'm not tired of having her around.
Finally, Jin recalled the actual date of Ryoma's about coincidence.

Next week's episode seems to be concentrated on Jin's mission to warn Ryoma of his assassination. Well, all I can say for this episode, I am satisfied. And I haven't been this satisfied much since Season 2 began. An episode that should not be missed.

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