Thursday, June 9, 2011

Steins Gate [ep8]

Upon asking John Titor, Okabe was still confused over the whole situation. Why him? What's so special about him? He then told Kurisu about the matter, and they both decided to prove the theory by conducting another experiment.

Suzuha, the part-timer was curious about the progress of the time machine. She's really the only one in the anime that I want to know more in detail. I mean, her true identity is still in the dark! And yet, she seemed to have heard almost everything about the time machine and her recent attitude had been rather suspicious, to say the least.
 The one character that annoyed me however was this Phone Freak. Nobody knows for sure where she was form either, and she constantly mailed Okabe via phone when she could just simply open her mouth and speak! She kept taking pictures of them as well and it beats me why till now, nobody actually investigated her or grew suspicious of her, at all.

 After the experiment, Okabe got the same sensation again and began asking whether anyone's seen Moeka-san, the phone freak. But nobody knew her!
Who's that?

Ruka-kun in girl's cloth
 The members took a break from the experiments when Ruka-kun came by to visit and was then forced to do cosplay.
Good that you know, now take them off me!

Finally the REVELATION!

However, all this while Kurisu thought Ruka was a girl!

Don't worry, Kurisu...I'd be fooled too if I were you.

So after hearing about the power of D-Mail yesterday by accident, Ruka asked for something rather outrageous. To change her into a girl. But was sending mails enough to do that?! Apparently he suggested sending mail to his late mother in the past to ask her to eat more vegetables as that would make it easier to get a boy, instead of a girl. LOLzz...

The addition of Lab Member 006!
But there was a catch, it seemed that phones had only gotten popular from 1996 onwards in Japan, which meant that Ruka's mom might not even own one. But sasuga...the Mad Scientist Okabe thought of a trick.
I've never seen one before!!!

Behold the power of the microwave to give Ruka boobs! Verdict was, the world line changed and Ruka became a girl, instead of a boy.

Interesting episode this was.

Final caption:
Perfect kombini...

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