Friday, June 10, 2011

Adjustment Bureau

Fellow Congressman, David Norris (Matt Damon) was running for Senate and the people loved him. Being the youngest ever to run for it, he held great promise, though tagged as the 'bad boy' politician. However, a full front cover of his previous bad boy act on the election night itself cost him the winning position to the other competitor. While preparing for his *losing* speech, he stumbled into a mysterious woman, Elise (Emily Blunt) in the men's. Apparently she claimed that she was escaping the security for crashing into someone's wedding in the same hotel.
One morning while going to work, he met Elise again in the bus. While in the background, we see this guy chasing him, constantly referring to a special notebook that showed exactly where his target was moving to. A hint of what's to come. Soon after, David arrived at the office to find his friend, Charlie being brainwashed by strangers in protective suits.
not the way to treat a Blackberry
Some chasing happened and Richardson, the leader of the pack told him about their identity and their job. David was warned not to ever meet Elise again, as it wasn't in the plan. They destroyed the card with Elise's number on, crushing David's hope in ever meeting her. Fast forward 3 years later, David took the same bus to work every single day with the hope that he'd somehow meet her by chance again. Which he did one day, and this causes Richardson and his team to be on alert once again.

As I'm not going to spoil everything, here are just my thoughts on the movie.
I thought the movie was going to be more than just a love story, really. I guess I just expected a little bit more. But boy, I'm pretty disappointed with everything!

On one occasion, it reminded me of Fringe's bald guys who goes around wearing hats too, trying to fix things that deviate from the Plan. Except the fact that the Adjustment Bureau guys here aren't bald. The storyline, it's really nothing huge. I think relationship is not enough to make me feel for the characters. And most of the time, Elise and David didn't even seem to have much chemistry with each other. I don't feel it. I think Matt Damon's better off acting in a real action and suspense film than some romance flick with a little bit of action like this.

And the ending...what a letdown. That's it? I had rather huge expectation for this, waited this long to finally watch it and it turned out like that. Let's not waste your time watching this, unless you're a Matt Damon avid fan or Emily Blunt's. Because really, you can just fast forward, watch the last 20 mins or so..and you've basically watched everything.


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