Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring 2011 Japanese dramas [list]

Just to keep a track record, I'm listing down the Japanese dramas I'm watching this season. All of which, still ongoing.

JIN 2 [Finale]
 Loved the Season 1 to bits. I highly recommended to everyone. In short, it's about Jin sensei, a doctor in modern times, somehow got warped to the Edo period so we see how he survives, making full use of his medical knowledge to help the people.

Marumo no Okite
Features the youngest ever child actress, Ashida Mana in her lead role. Also, do check out Mother (previous one or two seasons), she was amazing in there. Now, this drama is about a fraternal twin, girl and boy whose father passed away suddenly due to illness and will be living separately if they were to be kept by their relatives. However, sensing their need to be together, the father's best friend, nicknamed Marumo decided to have the kids stay with him, together with a stray but magical speaking dog.
Season 1 was quite interesting, worth watching. The story is about a team of misfits, put together by a pervert higher ranked officer to form First Investigative Division’s Special Crimes Unit, led by a career policewoman. Highly recommended as well, if you like investigation/mystery genre, with great sense of humor.

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 Gou-Himetachi no Sengoku
This is my first Taiga drama. I decided to give it a try since Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile, Last Friends) is acting in it together with people like Asami Mizukawa (also NC and LF). It's about the history and life of Gou, wife of third Shogun of Japan, Iemitsu Tokugawa. Really liking it at the moment, brings viewers back to the Shogun era of Japan. Plus, you get to learn about their history.

 Hagane no Onna 2
I missed the first season, but I figured it won't hurt if you watch Season 2 without watching the first. Because in Season 2, they have a new group of students, and the old ones appear once in a while. So far, it's pretty enjoyable. Laid-back human drama. Deals with elementary school kids. The teacher is nicknamed 'Steel Woman' for her great passion in supporting and caring for her fellow students.
Good Life ~Arigatou Papa, Sayonara
This is no doubt a father-son drama. Tells how an estranged divorced father takes care of his son, and how it changes his attitude for the better when his son is diagnosed with leukemia. Quite touching at times.

Inu to Kau to Iu Koto
A family drama about a couple of young parents dealing with financial problems and etc...and with the arrival of a stray Pomeranian, it changes their lives, both adult and children. Not bad actually, kinda draggy at times but I'm definitely finishing it. Quite short though, only 9 episodes.

A woman who went on a diet to be thinner and just when she achieved the hard-earned goal, had a rebound after meeting a patissier, her crush. Funny, amusing and kinda outrageous at times, but definitely good laughs.

Well, basically those are all the dramas I'm currently following, actively. There are others like Umareru which I stopped watching. Maybe I'll pick it up again soon.

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