Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha [ep 11]

This week's episode is about the reviews of all the inns at Yusonagi area, which includes Kisuiiso. They got 5 out of 10 stars, which are pretty low considering how they gave it their all during the secret evaluation last time. But they could've given the wrong service to the wrong guests. Who knows? Most the inn owners are now irritated and more then ever now that there's a new huge hotel being built nearby.
Of course, Ohana is just as agitated by the reviews. By the way, a little bit of info for all of you who might be wondering what is the 'balut' they kept using in the anime. I'm not sure if it's the same 'balut', but if you google it up, it shows this:

 Yup!!! A typical...unique Philipine cuisine - a duck egg with fetus. A common street food in part of Asia, including Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Usually they boil it before consuming, ideally 17 days old egg. Since I've never eaten one before, I can't say how it tastes like. Not in a million years, I'm ever gonna eat this though.

So back to the anime....I wonder if she's referring to the same 'balut' lolz.
 Point to everyone, never ever piss Ohana off. Or she'll haunt you wherever you are. After much persuasion, the publishing company finally gave her the editor in charge of the reviews.

And then someone expected showed up! Her mother, who abandoned her and left her at the grandma's inn while she went off with a guy in debt. And another shocker! Her mother was the one who wrote the article and giving them such lame rating! If I were Ohana, I'd be pissed too. Upon meeting her lousy mother, she demanded an explanation and bombarded her of how she'd always held everything in. But she'd lost it this time. When her mother refused to come to Kissuiso herself and re-write the review, Ohana went all out...

Street demonstration!
Refusing to accept any charity from her mother aka. old lady. Own daughter going against mother...hahahha

And the knight came to rescue. Ko-chan was just working nearby and saw her sitting under the rain, draped on the head with an old newspaper. Imagine seeing one of you friends doing that one day on the streets. xD

Earlier, she experienced a rather embarrassing moment trying to find Ko-chan at the bookstore. Later on, Ko-chan told her that the girl, who's clinging on his shirt, actually confessed to him. But he couldn't give a direct answer to her. Ohana then recalled how Ko-chan did the same to her before (confessed) but she didn't take it seriously either.

Ohana should've told Ko-chan how she felt! What took her so long? It's frustrating how there was awkward silence when they're supposed to be good friends. Finally, she took off in the rain without saying a proper goodbye to him and ran into both Tohru and Minko.

The episode ended without resolving the mother's issue. Probably in the next episode, she'll manage to let her mother see the spirit of Kissuiso. By the way, was Tohru and Minko hahahah if so, happy for them, they're the ones I root for anyway.

Presenting ALIEN OHANA!!!!

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