Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Henry's Crime 2010 [review]

Henry (Keanu Reeves) led a decent life working at the toll booth, had a beautiful wife (Judy Greer) and was really content with it. You could see right from the start that he didn't have much ambition, was kinda indifferent when asked by his wife whether or not to have kids. But his life was turned upside down when he was convicted and sent to prison for 3 years. A bank robbery he didn't do. Or at least, he didn't even know about. Because you see, because of his carefree attitude, he was tricked into it by 3 other guys. I've just never seen such a clueless guy before, but that's what made him special.

6 months into it, his wife told him that she fell in love. Of course, with another guy. And he showed this really expressionless face with a slight smile saying "I want you to be happy". So calm and composed! Upon being released, he returned home only to see a pregnant ex-wife and the new hubby, making himself right at home (even though it wasn't his). This is the moment where I feel sympathy for poor Henry. Guy got sent to jail for 3 whole years for something he didn't do, and the wife got pregnant with one of the real robbers' guy. (I'm not sure whether it was all planned, who knows, maybe the wife wanted a divorce). Still, that was a good tiny twist.

Henry then visited the bank again and somehow, something clicked in his mind when he went to the loo thanks to some really old article about a tunnel near the bank. He decided to rob the bank he didn't rob. Like his cellmate, Max would say " What kind of a cockamamie dream is that?" LOL...and Henry answered " I did the time, I may as well have done the crime." Brilliant lines! Love that quote. But don't take it the wrong way, there really is nothing good coming out attempting a crime though. He convinced Max to be released on parole to help him with the plan.

Some other funny lines:

Max: Where's your car?
Henry: I don't have a car. I sold it.
Max: You don't have a car? What is the matter with you? You come to pick me up and you don't have a car. I mean, that is not the way you pick  up a person!
Henry: Yes it is. I'm here . I'm picking you up.

Henry also got to know Djula (Vera Farmiga), who ran him over, well almost, but he did fall lol...that was sudden. Anyways, she was a struggling actress, trying to be huge but still stuck in Buffalo city playing plays in small theaters  having to endure pathetic play directors. And coincidentally, the tunnel could be accessed through the theater. So maybe I should stop here, before spoiling too much.

Acting -Good, if not great. Keanu nailed the character to perfection. The character is not someone you would look up to, neither attractive even. But, he made him all the more adorable xD Vera did good too with her actress role, a pretty tough one too. And Max! James Caan should get lots of credit for the role he played. I like Max btw...haha

Storyline- It may seem boring at first, because of the nature of Henry's character, but after the scene how he got tricked and convicted for something he didn't do, it was picking up a lot and everything just clicked! It's a good script. There were plenty of memorable lines.

Verdict- This turned out better, way better than I expected, not to mention it wasn't a movie I actually plan on watching. Just something I stumbled upon and tried. There was also a sense of dark humor inserted along the story, making it even more humorous at times, something to amuse you. Was it a perfect crime? Umm...not exactly, there were flaws but they were masked by everything else. Worth watching? It won't be an appeal to the general audience but if you like a laid-back, dark sense of humor type of movie, you can give it a try.

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