Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Source Code [review]

Source Code is a science-fiction thriller. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Colter Stevens, is a Captain who woke up suddenly in a train in Chicago. The surroundings were foreign to him as he tried to recall what happened. The woman who sat opposite him, called him by the name Sean. For a moment, we thought that Colter/Sean had a memory relapse or something that caused him to forget his own identity and whereabouts. However, suddenly an explosion out of nowhere happened, blowing practically everyone up into pieces. And then we'd think, "What just happened? He didn't die that fast did he?"

Of course now. He woke up at yet another different place.

This time, in a confined space, strapped to a chair, wearing probably army uniforms and another woman, Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) spoke to him. It later turned out that he was on a mission. A mission which he had to locate the bomb and bomber of the train before innocent lives were lost for nothing.And to execute this mission, he had to assume the role of another passenger who went by the name Sean.

 According to her, he had to go back again and again to the same scene on the train and as usual, given only 8 minutes to accomplish the mission. Some quotes:
Colleen: As always, we'll have 8 minutes.
Colter: 8 minutes and then I blow up again.
Colleen: Yes.
 Nice looking watch by the way...
 (sorry for the Korean subs, the BR rip had them, so can't do anything about it)
One of the passengers was the Canadian comedian, Russel Peters! lolz...but he's just there as guest star. The other female character onboard, Christina (Michelle Monaghan) was supposed to be Sean's friend. Her character didn't exactly play much role here, just someone who motivated Colter/Sean to save the hundred who died onboard.


However, there was a catch. The Source Code program is not about going back in time. Rather, it's a method to re-visit the past. That is why Colter is now living or seeing things as Sean. The people onboard will look at him as Sean's face and body but not Colter. The Army is using Sean's mind (now dead) and connect it with Colter's, letting Colter the chance to re-visit the train. But whatever he did there will not change the future.


Compared to other Jake films, I like him best in serious ones. Like this. Thriller type, action and suspense. I think he did great overall, you do pity his character. I didn't insert the biggest spoiler yet. but if you do insist in seeing the next image...by all means, you can. Who else? Vera Farmiga is a delight to watch. She's a good actress, loved Orphan, in which she was excellent. Her character here is an officer in the program, conflicted between what's right and obeying her boss's orders. (hate the boss by the way, hate his beard. Such a distraction). Michelle like I mentioned, didn't have much to do, probably had equal or little bit more screen time than Vera, but she's not exactly memorable. Thing is, I don't think there's really a need to even include her character, it could've been anybody.

Overall, it's a movie, worth watching. It reminds me of Inception, though it's a whole different kind of story. I hope there's sequel to this. xD

Now for that spoiler...are you sure you wanna see this?



think again....




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