Monday, June 13, 2011

When In Rome [short review]

*decided to transfer several older reviews from my private blog*

So what happens when you pick up coins in the Love Fontana in Rome, Italy? You get guys running towards you, helplessly in love with you, so the legend says.

So when Beth, a young, vibrant and totally immersed in her job as a curator, who has no time for love, picked a few coins from the Fontana when she attended her little sis's wedding, she has 5 guys trying desperately to impress her and win her heart.

Guy No.1
this street magic guy---> somewhat weird imo and would have totally freaked anyone out anytime, anywhere.

Guy No.2
A model for magazines, thus the great body built and who can miss that unique tattoo there...

Guy No.3
okay, this one is just plain creepy. I'd call him the sausage guy from now on. What? He really IS working with sausages....and he's short.

Guy No.4
This was the first guy Beth actually had a crush with during the wedding. He's Umberto's (Beth's new brother in law) friend, who speak a rusty Italian. He's pretty cute, and obviously, he'd be the right guy for her. But because of some misunderstanding in Rome, Beth decides to ignore him after she saw him kissing another woman. well...until he came to New York to see her.

Guy No.5
An Italian artist. It's so funny how he chased after Beth in Central Park, yelling to see her feet. That's just sooo wrong and xD

The ending? her choice? watch it yourself.

It's a good movie actually, humor all around and the random guys are just adorable, somehow. I mean, they meant no harm, they were just bounded by the spell. So, see it to find out how it unfolds.

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