Monday, June 13, 2011

A Scanner Darkly [short review]

Since the opening of this public blog, I decided to transfer few of my older reviews from my other private blog. So, here's another.

Finally, I had the chance to catch this. It was old really. A 2006 movie starring Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder and Robert Downey Jr. in a animated version based on Phillip K. Dicks' novel.

It was shot digitally and animated using interpolated rotoscope, whatever that is. Basically they filmed it normally I think and then animated. So we get to the casts in their cartoon-like versions. Which is really cool IMO.

The outcome is really nice! They look water-brushed and the lines of their faces, the details are so clear. So the main character, Keanu Reeves plays a cop who is undercover trying to investigate the master of the distributing Substance D, a kind of drug that had infested the city's population.

Robert plays a friend, living in the same house while he is undercover together with another buddy. Robert is a delight to watch, his character is neither good or bad. He can totally be both if you ask me. There are times where he can resemble a good citizen, other times, he can totally fool you into believing him.

Keanu's character (I can't remember his name) nvm, he has befriended this drug dealer, played by Winona Ryder. And they are an item before long. But just in name, because under the influence of the drug usage, Winona's character has this complex situation whereby she doesn't like to be touched physically. Weird, huh...

Not gonna spoil too much but it was a good watch. From the beginning till almost the end, I was absolutely clueless of the story line frankly. I was just totally immersed in the animated versions of the casts lol.But the twist behind everything at the very end was awesome. I totally had no idea. So surprises like these are always good.

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