Monday, June 13, 2011

Letters of Juliet [review]

I'm not familiar with the works of William Shakespeare and no, I can't memorize his most famous  work of all time, Romeo and Juliet like some can.  And so, when I heard of this movie called Letters to Juliet, I was skeptical of it.

It's true there's still a cliche in this movie where the girl meets another guy who detests her in the beginning but then romance begins to bud. That sorta thing. However, wait a minute. This is not just about those two people. In a sense, it seems more like an adventure type of movie than a romance comedy. Here, we have an older woman who is on her quest to find her long lost soul mate. And Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is like just a sidekick, who dreams of becoming a writer, decided to help her find the soul mate in Italy.
*beware of possible spoilers*

Oh yes, speaking of Italy. Another plus side of this movie is because of the setting. I mean, where else would you go to, if not the country where love is practically worshipped in? ITALY it is!
at first what seems like a dream vacation (pre-honeymoon) as they mentioned, it turned out that her fiance, a chef whose restaurant is about to open, has other plans in mind. After a string of visits to wineries, vineyards, cheese factories, etc... Sophie decided to just explore the city on her own while her fiance gets excited with other food related events.

And she discovered this place where people from all over the world writes to Juliet, expressing their love stories, some torn some happy.

There's even a Secretaries of Juliet team who actually replies those letters! Helping them one day, she found one, hidden in a hole in the walls, dated back in 1957. A 50 years old worth love story. She decided to reply the letter and guess what? The woman actually comes all the way to Italy with her over-protective grandson.

British are just...interesting to watch I guess.

When the grandson first came, she thought he was going to actually thank her for even writing back, but well, let's see...he said "send my condolence to you groom".

That's so nasty of him anyway.
The grandmother however was very happy to meet her. Sophie decided to make this her debut writing material and asked if she could join them in the hunt. And so, the journey begins.

They managed to capture the serene beauty of Italy. The vast land, vineyards, buildings and etc. amazing view.
oh yes, the typical ice-cream fight, but they never wear out. xD
Well, I think that's enough scenes. Not gonna spoil everything, but i do like to spoil. anyways, they met a lot of Lorenzo Bartolinis but none of them fits the real one she's searching for. Some funny moments and such.

I am going to stop here. Among the teen movies I've watched this year, this one wins easily. It's not really 'typical' and there's actually not even much romance going on, which is also one of the reasons why I liked it. It's a good movie, above average I'd say. I like simple movies like this. A few good laughs here and there. And it's Italy. You can never go wrong with Italy. Ever. That pretty much sums everything up.


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