Monday, June 6, 2011

Sayonara Bokutachi no Youchien [review]

This is a SP (special) drama starring child actors/actresses. One of whom I really adore, Ashida Mana. I think I've mentioned her more than once. Her main role in Mother drama before was brilliant as hell and I just keep looking forward to her dramas/movies ever since. Considering how I'm not much of a kids person, there are selected few who seem to blow my mind away with their amazing acting skills, way beyond their age.

The story is very simple. But before going into details, I'd just like to ask a simple question. How many of us actually still remember our kindy friends? Do you even remember which kindy you were in? Do you remember the moments there? Any of your friends' faces? 

The special drama depicts 5 such kindy friends who venture into the world on their own to visit an ill friend in another place. So we see 5 little kids, on a journey, and how they respond to the surroundings, strange to them, and how they interact with each other. We are given the chance to see their views on certain things, many of which are very innocent, of course. But oh, the bliss of being young and innocent!
 Along the journey, from one train station to another, some of the encounters they made included a homeless man with a kitten, a train conductor who was suspicious of them and etc.


Yui, one of the girls got separated with the rest of the gang and soon their secret journey was blown as she told one of their teachers of their plan.

 One example of their innocence was the brief conversation on the homeless person they met.

 In a gang, there must be a leader. Takumi-kun was theirs as he had brilliantly illustrated a childish map on which train they must take in order to reach their friend's place. I guess you can say that he's somewhat, the genius in the gang and there's another girl who seemed to know a lot too. CUTENESS!!! How can you not watch this when you have a scene like this? 

Also another example was when they were crossing the road when it's red light. The genius guy crossed anyway coz the road's empty but then the other girl told him not to.

 And then this girl was like crossing too, as she whispered to herself "This is the first time I crossed on a red light" Lolzz.....

Such innocence!

Sometimes I wonder while I'm watching this, won't it be awesome to have such close friends? 

But close friends have their limits too. Same as adults, they had bickering moments too.

And then there were three....

 So as to not spoil it for the viewers...I shall stop here.


You'd think it's near impossible for kindy kids to get that far. And that it's not realistic to have them walking around alone, riding the trains, alone...without their parents. But I guess that's something you have to set aside and just enjoy it as it is. When kids are involved, there's bound to be touching moments. 

I think the director wants to get the message across on how innocent little kids are and just embrace their small world. The pure relationship between them, their friendship is something to be envied, something that shall not be the same anymore for adults.

Acting performance - At its peak, I shall say for the these kids. Adorable, cute, innocent and yet mature in some ways. I hope their talents won't go to waste though in the future. I really want to see them shine as they grow up and become teen actors/actresses. That'd be awesome.

Storyline - Nothing new except for the journey of kids in the hope of visiting their dear friend who's sick. Very simple, with few humor and touching moments, mostly executed well by the casts.


Some parts may be a bit draggy but overall, it's an enjoyable show about kindergarten kids. I wish I still can remember my kindy times. Though it's true when they say you won't remember much of your kindy times, still...won't it be great just to try to reflect it sometimes?

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