Monday, June 6, 2011

BOSS 2 [ep7 review]

This episode is pretty good and refreshing. Refreshing in the sense that they go back in time of their pasts. I like it when they reveal certain things in the past, and you get to see a different kind of image of that particular person. The beginning sets the mood just right. As Eriko is walking in the hallway, reflecting on how good it is if only we can turn back time to change something.

And we know immediately that this week's episode has something to do with the past. But comic relief is something which will tag along and the first few scenes are funny, as always.

 Nodate proposes that they have an intimate tour with fellow citizens who are curious of their daily activities, hence the different crowds as we move from one character to another.

Kawamura with a bunch of obasan

Iwai is in heaven surrounded by men
 And the funniest of all....Katagiri wearing some sort of cartoon head costume and his bored face tells all.
 I'm thinking if his head will just pop off if they high schoolers continue to shake it violently lolz...

 So the case begins with a mysterious guy decides to hand cuff himself in the interrogation room. And he speaks of how several assignments will be given to them, and tells them to find out who he is.

And they go off in a chase against time, racking their brains for anything relevant towards the clues given by the villain, in order to find out the exact locations of said threats. But all of them are just boobby traps.

Kawamura never fails to be the laughing stock in the drama. Look at him as he tried to fish for the villain's bag. That was unnecessary, but it does make up for a serious drama, otherwise. I like random stuffs.

 Then, as the case goes on, we see how the infamous sign Nodate showed back in Season 1 came about. It's a secret sign that only both Nodate and Eriko shares whenever something is going on.
 We can see Nodate in a more ruffled hairstyle and Eriko with a more rookie cop feel back in the days. See that's why I like it when they go in the past and reveal things. For example, the origin of the secret sign.
Halfway through the episode, we know that the villain somehow holds a grudge against Hanagata. But I'm not going to spoil everything.

This episode is a better one than the last, imo. I like it when it involves everyone, even if little. And the whole past thing and how the team was created, gives a more in depth insight to all of them, as we are brought to appreciate them more.

Here's to next week!

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