Monday, June 6, 2011

Aishiteru [ep 1 and 2]

Time for some really serious drama. Aishiteru is a family drama about a 10 year old boy, murdering another younger boy in the same neighbourhood. Yes, as much as we hate to admit, things like these do happen in our society but have we ever really thought about what the families (either the victim family or villain's) go through?

The answer is simple. No, we don't. As onlookers, we just simply feel sympathy towards the victim family for losing their beloved son and as for the villain's, we'll be most likely blame it on the parents for their lousy upbringing. Yes, it's just much simpler to blame everything on the parents, isn't it?

But in reality, it's not as simple as that. And this drama attempts to put us viewers through all the process, from the beginning of the murder to the investigation, the capture, the juvenile family court, and hopefully, healing and forgiving process in the end.

I've only watched 2 episodes so far as I'm still downloading the rest. In the first epi, we get to see the normal activities of both families. Tomoya lives together with both parents, he's the only son. Father works day and night and leaves all housework as well as parenting mostly to the mother. The mother is working as well, but tries hard to balance between job and family and recently feels that her son is growing more and more distant from her. She even asked the father to have a father and son talk during the weekend, in attempt to find out what's bothering their only son. Tomoya, on the other hand, couldn't care less about his family affairs, and most of the time just acted indifferent with expressionless face.

The other family consists of both parents, with the victim kid, Kiyo-tan and his older sister who resented him for being the favorite child of their household. She even complained constantly how annoyed she was of her little brother and told her friends how she wished he'd disappear.

 Since there are two simultaneous parts...let's just explore Tomoya's family. Upon the arrest and further investigation, we can totally understand how his mother, Satsuki couldn't bring herself to believe that her son just killed another boy. And hence, begins the accepting period for both families really.

One scene that I hated so very much was when the father actually blamed it on her and even went all the way of saying it was a mistake to have Tomoya. Wow...I really felt like punching him in the face for saying that! I mean, how could he actually say that about his own son? No matter what, he's your son and whatever happens, nothing's going to change that fact. You can disown him for bringing such shame to the family but it's not like you can undo what's done. What's done is done and he should be more supportive of the situation instead of worrying how it's going to affect his career. What kind of man is he? If I'm the wife, I'd have asked for divorce, like seriously.

 Next we move on to the little kid's family. Saeko was on the edge, almost hysterical, upon losing his doted son. Again, totally understandable. Imagine coming home one day, just 15 mins late and the next thing you know, your son's gone in the blink of an eye.

The daughter, tried to keep the family intact as both parents cope with the death. At least, the daughter, although she didn't seem to be as affected much from the death, she did break down once, on her own as she remembered how she wished her brother would just disappear that day itself.

 Overall, I think it's very realistic in the sense that there's not much room for humor at all. Everything is quite emotional. However, I don't think all the crying was overdone. I think it's just natural to let go when something happens.

I'm really just curious as to why did Tomoya decide to take another life? What exactly brings him to such action? I think in the next few episodes, we shall be revealed little by little of the events that amounts to such case.
Shall be continuing till the end.

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