Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rebound [ep 5]

Since Nobuko lied to Taichi that she's attending the Paris Show, she's been staying in a local hotel, with the help of her ex-bf. Her pills had also been flushed down the toilet bowl, by accident and the ex-bf kept feeding her with food. It's only a matter of time for her to rebound.

Taichi on the other hand, is still racking his brain on what type of cake to make next. His ex-gf stops by almost everyday, in order to win him back.Lol at the video calls xDD

 Kensaku (ex-bf) persuaded Nobuko to return to EDEN to work. Coincidently, there was a visiting French designer who is very eco-friendly (lol) and challenged the EDEN staffs to finish off the total of 200 cakes prepared at the conference, only then he would agree to the contract.

As such, on average, each of the 10 staffs would have to finish 20 cakes per person. Watching how the staffs gave up on eating, including the Henshuuchou (boss), Nobuko couldn't help but stepped in to help them.
Is this some kind of eating competition now?!
I wonder if Aibu Saki underwent some special dieting program for all the cakes and food she downed during the filming. But she does look really really thin, nevertheless.

 She was finally given 3 days to come up with a good manuscript. And Kensaku still tried to coerce her into eating more and more....evil Kensaku!
Seriously, stop eating!

Sorry I just have to insert the picture of the new cake Taichi made. Thing is, it looked really plain from the outside, but inside, it's colourful ^_^

As expected, she grew fat once again. How many times had she rebounded from ep1? The only thing that bothers me all along is the fact that her character goes from thin to fat and thin and fat again and just a matter of weeks! Doesn't happen in real life. At least, I don't think so. A bit hard to swallow...I guess, I'm kinda forcing myself to set that aside and watch for the story, not the facts. After all, it's pure fiction.

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