Monday, June 13, 2011

Mother's Day [review]

When I first read the title, I thought it was going to be some kind of typical Mother's Day movies, you know...where the kids may not realize just how important mothers are, until something happened along the storyline and then something touching at the end. But this, this was something I never expected. The title itself was rather misleading, but I don't blame the director or producers for it, I think it had more to do with our preconception on the very words 'Mother's Day'.

So I watched and it was totally beyond me. Basically, the story went like this:
A woman, unmarried (or maybe, no definite hints given) took care of 4 children, 3 guys and one girl, and taught them essentials of life. The 'essentials' here were how to rob a bank, or how to get quick money, and basically just crimes after crimes.

So the movie began with this scene at the hospital. A woman, clad in nurse uniform carried a baby away as the guard tried to stop her but then slashed to death before he could even get near her. This was a pretty obvious case of baby kidnapping. Fast forward, there were 3 brothers, chased by police for bank robbery, one wounded with gunshot and when they went back to their old house, expecting to seek their mother's help and advice, they found themselves in a renovated house, with new tenants. No sign of their mother or sister. These guys then took over the house, where the new tenants, a couple and several other friends were partying in the basement. The baddies were told that their mother had the house sold off. But reluctant to leave, they waited for the mother to arrive and settle things.

 How convenient it was to have a doctor amongst the hostages? This guy (Shawn Ashmore), he was in the X-Men movies xDD Iceman becomes doctor this time.

 One of the baddies.
And below, the mastermind, the Mother.
I'm trying not spoil the movie too much so I'm not gonna talk about the story in details. Basically, the Mother was pissed because one of the sons, told her that they had sent a huge amount of money back to this address, but denied by the new tenants. So someone was either lying or hallucinating about the money. Then there was also another scene, worth taking note of, whereby the eldest son took one of the girls out to withdraw money from all of the hostages' accounts. And talk about LUCK...these two girls were at the wrong place at the wrong time. By the way, just a trivia, if you've watched Criminal Minds (series), you'd recognize one of the unfortunate victims above. She was one of the main investigators in CM, but here, a victim. *spoilers* They were hurrying both the guy and the girl to get their $ and be gone, then they saw the gun. So then, the guy threatened them with a knife saying "Whoever stabs the other gets to live". *spoilers* The end was not hard to imagine.

Since I'm not spoiling it till the end, I was kinda satisfied with this movie. Though there's really not much moral to be learned, it was quite entertaining and engaging. Sure, there'll be times when you feel like strangling some of the characters in there for being dumb or something, but it keeps you on the chair till the end. It's a purely home invasion story, a suspense and thriller. Just be ready for some gritty scenes...because sight of blood and a slight gore will be around. But nothing too hard to swallow.

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