Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Life [ep 4]

Waku now has shaved his head and began wearing beanie just like Taiyou-kun, who had the same illness. Their friendship grew stronger by the day. One day however, Taiyou-kun's condition got worse and I think he was replaced in the ICU ward.

This episode deals with death, basically. Taiyou-kun suddenly passed away and Waku was never told the real reason of Taiyou's disappearance. Sawamoto also decided to lie to his son. This affected Waku and he began to stop eating. There was one scene which I felt that Nanami-chan, the CLS worker did something worth mentioning. The conversation she had with Sawamoto was true and meaningful.

When you try to deal the sadness and pain by yourself, they just get bigger, like a balloon. You need someone to let out the air, before it explodes. Please...let help him out so he can cry.

The next day, Sawamoto went to see Kojima, who had resigned. He finally apologized to him. This is a rather huge step for someone as stubborn as Sawamoto. It's good to see he's slowly changing for the better.

Seeing how Waku kept refusing to eat, he told him the truth about Taiyou-kun. 

Waku: Do you just disappear when you die?
Sawamoto: There are people who say you go up in the sky. Some say you become a star. But what really happens, I don't know. There's one thing I do know. They won't disappear.  Even if you're not together anymore, that fact that you and Taiyou-kun were friends, they will never disappear.

Seems like the Prof told Waku's mother about his hospitalization. Not a great thing to hear about this from someone other than family though. But hopefully, she's able to help out a little. That is if Waku still wants his mother.

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