Friday, June 10, 2011

Rebound [ep 4]

Nobuko was fat from young and then dumped by an ex-boyfriend for being overweight (why did he even date her in the first place if weight concerns him?). So then she went on a binge, but soon take on the mission to go on a diet, under the supervision of a rather suspicious doctor but it worked. Now, she was thin and secured a job at the fashion magazine publishing company. In the last few epis, we saw how she went from thin back to plump as a result of a rebound, trying to help Taichi (the owner of a once famous bakery shop) taste all his creations.

Wishing on a plant won't get you anywhere
 Then in episode 3, it was revealed that Taichi was once fat too and under strict diet, he got this lean body. He went on a rebound as well but with the help of the *magic pills* given by the doctor, they both kept their fit shape. Both Taichi and Nobuko went against the Dr's advice and took more than one pills per day. Taichi finally confessed to her and they got together. The real headache however began now when Taichi was impulsive regarding their relationship. He was in such a hurry to go to the next level even during their second date (most prob) he proposed to the dumbfounded Nobuko. Nobuko realized there were so many things they didn't get to share and discuss about. Taichi also seemed to be rather pushy and aggresive.

After meeting her parents, Nobuko's mum asked her to discuss the matter properly with Taichi again and not jump into a conclusion straightaway. Why do I have a feeling that they just don't fit together? Taichi gave me this impression of a very bold and pushy guy and hasty in making decisions. One day of dating and you propose? O_O

Nobuko's boss again, gave her a week's time to write up something sensational and then theme was "Why do people get married?". The reward? A ticket to attend the Paris Fashion Week. That practically shot Nobuko all the way up to the moon.

Just when Nobuko thought for a second that Taichi could somehow be more matured and hold the wedding, he went all the way to making a wedding cake!

What's up with this guy? Seriously! He's sooooooo childish!!! Throwing tantrums like a 5 year old kid! Good for Nobuko though when she blurted everything.

I still want to figure out how Hitomi always eats but never gain any weight! But it was mentioned several times that she went to the toilet a lot each day. Was it to poo or was she bulemic? Guess we'll know soon.
 Nobuko finally decided to quit her job and gave up on her dream. Silly girl...and to make things worse, Taichi asked her to marry her right on that day itself, dragging Hitomi along to be their witness.
 Why would anyone give up on their dreams/career/freedom for a guy like this? *beats me* sighhhh...

But oh, what a turnout! Taichi was pretending and faking all the church matrimony. When asked whether there was any objection, he shouted and presented Nobuko with his latest cake, Mont Blanc. He wanted her to go to Paris and from now on, tell him everything she is thinking of, instead of keeping it to herself. However, since Nobuko already quit her job, there was no way she could still go to Paris to attend the show. But she couldn't bring herself to tell the truth to him, and hence, faked the journey.

Nobuko's ex came to the rescue and offered his place. I sense some misunderstanding happening soon...

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