Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good Life [ep 1]

life was bright and beautiful then
Takashi Sorimachi is back with a new drama this season. My bad for missing out on it. And it's already up to episode 8 xD Anyways, I just started watching today and still getting the remaining epis. He plays Sawamoto who works as a reporter, who is venerable among those within his field, however awkward in his role as husband and father. He has a 6 year old son and a loving wife, until suddenly, the wife decides to file a divorce, taking him by surprise, thinking it is a joke.

One day, she just disappeared and a lawyer called to explain the situation. No demands, just sign the paper. But he put his career first before family and throughout the whole episode, he concentrated on his work rather than his only son who now needed much more attention than ever with the absence of the mother.
 At work, he drove a junior till the edge with his sharp remarks and as a result, the new guy attempted suicide. Despite all this, Sawamoto still believed he was right. The son, Waku suffered from constant bullying at school and one day was sent to the hospital. There, a new hospital member working under CLS (Child Life Specialist) started her first day.

Konno (Eikura Nana) met Waku by chance that day and had a nice chat with him. And when Sawamoto arrived 2 hours late to fetch Waku, Konno couldn't help but intruded. Nevertheless, Sawamoto brushed her off and rushed home. Even at night, he still went off to work and left Waku alone in the house. A fire nearly broke when Waku tried to heat up the curry his mother cooked before she left. The scene where Waku went to the convenient store to get eggs was rather sad. I don't think that when I was 6 year old, I'd be able to buy anything on my own!
 He found his wife at her old workplace. But it was a bit too late. There, she spoke of how Sawamoto never changed even at a time like this. How he still believed he was always right and never wrong. She spilled to him that she had been thinking of divorce for a while and also being treated for parenting neurosis once. Surely he never noticed.
Apparently, she also told him that Waku knew all along about the their problem. And there, they gave us a flashback to a scene where she once tried to bring Waku along with her, to a new apartment, leaving Sawamoto.

 But Waku managed to coerce her back to the house.

What took me by surprise was how Waku kept on building up lies like "Daddy love Mummy" or "Mummy called to say she was at some amusement park, so she can't come home tonight" to both his parents, just to get them back together.

I still can't understand why Waku chose to stay with a father like this though? Saying how he was worried that his father would be alone if he left. Well...what about the mother? It's weird though. But since this is custom made to be a father-son drama, I guess the preference will always go to the father. Shall take it as it is.

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